It is the purpose of this page to introduce you to a monthly magazine all about Kentucky, its history, genealogy, and travel. Below you will find examples of features found in the Explorer. A free full sample issue is also available for download. Of course, if you like what you see, we invite you to subscribe.

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The Kentucky Explorer’s pages are filled with stories as unique and captivating as the landscape in which they took place. Below are but a few examples of the varied content you can expect to find inside our little magazine. Simply click on a page thumbnail to read part of a sample story.

Tom Smith Accused Of Taking Part In Every Murder In The Feud
The Boston Globe – 1889
Part 2/3
Family Member Shares Memories Of This Young Seaman

By Richard T. “Dick” Bealmear
Davenport Sentenced 49 Years

By Hazel Robertson – 2014
Lindsay Mosley Served In Knott County; Fathered 22 Children
Editor’s Note: Mrs. Herschel (Jean) Combs of Dema, Kentucky, would like to share this letter written by her grandfather, Lindsay (L. D.) Mosley, when he was 81 years old. He was a well-known and respected Old Regular Baptist preacher for about 60 years. He was chosen as moderator of the Caney Fork Church of Raven, Knott County, Kentucky, about the year of 1885 and faithfully served until his death on February 7, 1945, at the age of 89. His life history is described in this letter.
If any reader has a photo of Lindsay Mosley, Jean would appreciate hearing from you.
By Lindsay (L. D.) Mosley
Old Postcard Reveals Advertising For Grand Event Held In 1915 At Phoenix Grove, Campbell County, Kentucky
By Charles H. Bogart
A Look At The Arguments Of Historians And Scholars
By Marshall Myers
This East-Central Kentucky Town Is Nearing Its 100th Year Of Existence
Part Two Of Four Parts:

Editor’s Note: Daniel Boone’s adventures continue from the History of Kentucky edited by Judge Charles Kerr. In this auto- biographical narrative, Boone tells of his passage through the Cumberland Gap, leading a party of settlers that cut the Wilder- ness Road in 1775. Boone’s trailblazing efforts established a route used by thousands in the first westward migration. This is the second part of a four-part series.
History of Kentucky – 1922
As Written By Daniel Boone
Was This Graves County Native Too Beautiful?
By Ward Harrison – 2013
Tidbits Of Kentucky Folklore

By Dr. Gordon Wilson


Since The Kentucky Explorer is an illustrated magazine, hundreds of old and new photos and artwork illustrate our pages throughout the year. Old engravings and sketches from the long ago are used. Thus, The Explorer acts as a distributor of certain rare, published materials many of which are all but impossible to find today. Many of these should be of great interest to the average Kentuckian.


In addition to great stories and pictures each issue includes the following sections. Click on “+ Feature Description” to become more familiar with a particular section. Click on a page thumbnail to read a sample page from that section.

Have you hit a brick wall while researching your roots? Let us help! Try our Kentucky Genealogy Help Line, it works! Well over 50,000 Kentuckians spread across every county and state subscribe to the Explorer each month, so it is quite possible one of those readers hold the information you seek. Over the years, we’ve had so many success stories.
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One of our most popular sections, this feature is driven entirely by readers who share stories and special memories that have made a great impression on them. This helps preserve the story of our vanishing past for today and tomorrow. What do you have to tell?
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Our readers write in each month with questions, interests, and wants. The content of their submissions are so broad, it is probably best to just share a couple examples of the letters we recieve, so here are a few: Looking for students who attended Hawses Fork School, Interested in contacting Col. James Smith descendants, Wants Greasy Bean Seeds, Response Surpassed Expectations, Explanation Clears Mystery, Wants Owsley/ Clay County Information.
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Each of our issues feature a full page of old-time recipes to enjoy. Some are brought to you by the Explorer, while others are shared by readers. Maybe you will send your favorite in, so others might enjoy it as well.
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In the mid-1930s, The Louisville Herald-Post conducted a genealogy column featuring materials sent in by its readers. Because they were printed some 70 years ago, it is interesting and valuable. We reprint parts from this column each month.
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During our travels we’ve come across an interesting collection of old clippings dealing with Kentucky family history. Since these clippings are over 100 years old, we feel they will be of interest to many of our readers. We will continue this column each month until the supply is gone.
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Our series of interviews taken from Dr. John J. Dickey’s famous diary. Dr. Dickey of Fleming County, Kentucky, founder of several schools and churches, traveled through Eastern and Central Kentucky over 100 years ago, interviewing older residents. Dr. Dickey often wrote down accounts of his daily events. In most cases, he wrote down their very words while compiling a diary of several thousand pages. Each month we include a few lines from this remarkable man’s diary, which he kept faithfully for over 50 years. These writings are written word for word as Dr. Dickey wrote them. Nothing has been changed.
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Various materials to aid in family history research.
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Additional Features

Below are just a couple more features found in each issue