William Kelly Entered The Iron Industry In Lyon Co. In 1845

Purchased The Eddyville Furnace From The Cobb Family
By Odell Walker 2009 


William Kelly was born and reared in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He married Mildred Gracey of Eddyville, Lyon County, Kentucky, where they made their home.

William had experience in the iron industry, and after settling at Eddyville, he wanted to go into the business of producing iron. Through the help of local investors, Kelly raised enough capital to begin his venture. In 1845 Kelly purchased the Eddyville Furnace from the Cobb family. The name of the furnace was then changed to the Kelly Furnace. Kelly also purchased approximately 16,000 acres of land to use the timber for charcoal to fuel his furnaces. Later Kelly built the Suwanee Furnace, and the New Union Forge was constructed on the bank of the Cumberland River near Silver Cliff.
Things were going well for William Kelly until….


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