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Squire Boone Has Rich History In Kentucky

Down The Backroads
Submitted by By Sherry Lee – 2015

         Squire Boone, Sr., was born in England in 1696. Squire’s parents were George Boone and Mary Maugridge. In 1717 Squire, along with his brother (George) and sister (Sarah) traveled to America ahead of their parents. They landed in Pennsylvania. After their parents arrived in America they lived in Pennsylvania until their deaths. Mary Maugridge Boone died in 1740 and George Boone died in 1744. Squire Boone, Sr., married Sarah Jane Morgan in 1720 in Pennsylvania. Sarah was born in 1700 in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Edward Morgan and Elizabeth Jarman. Squire and Sarah had several children: Nathaniel, Sarah, Israel, Samuel, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Daniel, George, Mary, Edward, and Squire (Jr.).
         In 1749 the Boone family moved to Rowan County, North Carolina. Squire Boone, Sr., died in 1765, and his wife died in 1777. Both are buried in Joppa Cemetery located at Mocksville, North Carolina.
         Squire Boone, Jr., was born in 1744 in Pennsylvania. When Squire was 15 years old, he was sent to his cousin in Pennsylvania to apprentice as a gunsmith. In 1765, five years later, he married Jane Van Cleave in North Carolina. Her parents were Aaron Van Cleave and Rachel Schenck.
         In 1767 to 1771, Squire and Daniel explored the Kentucky wilderness. In 1775 a prominent judge from North Carolina hired Daniel Boone to explore the Wilderness Road which went through the Cumberland Gap. Squire went with his brother assisting the settlement of Boone’s Station, later known as Boonesborough.
         There was a siege on Boonesborough in 1779. Squire Boone moved his………..

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