Lincoln County's Tucker School

Ruby Siler Genton, 602 N. Cooper Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45215, shares this photo with our readers. She writes: "I am told this is the Tucker School in the Pine Grove area of Lincoln County. It was taken about 1915. The only names I know are my father's brothers and sisters.

First row, the third from the left, is Jasper Siler. On the same row, the first girl, which is the ninth from the left, is Bertha Siler Hunt. Behind her, next to the tall boy, is Allie Mae Siler Johnson. The third from the right, in the back row, is Annie Siler Harris. They are the children of Elden and Nellie Woods Siler. My father, Henry Siler, wasn't old enough to go to school at this time. He lives in Lincoln County, and he is 86 years old. The boy in the front roll, third from the right, is thought to be Jim Tucker. I would like to hear from anyone who knows about this picture."

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