Third Grade Class at Loyall Grade School

Donna McKnight, 820 Tivoli Circle, #108, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 (e-mail: [email protected]), shares this photo taken in Harlan County in 1933.

She writes: "My Dad received the enclosed photos and spent the last few years of his life trying to identify the people. (Ed. note:The second photo was of the 1935 Loyall football team, but the quality was such that it would not reproduce well.) He contacted every relative and friend he thought could help and was pretty successful.

Dad was born and reared in Loyall, Harlan County, Kentucky. He remembered most of the people in his school class of 1933 and knew a lot of the young men from the football team. I recognize some of the names from stories Dad used to tell me while I was growing up. Dad, Harold Hall (a.k.a. Slick), is the first child in the first row (from left) of the class picture. His brother, Howard (a.k.a. Birdie), is the 5th child (from left) last row. He didn't have enough time to complete the identification of the rest of the kids.

I would love to hear from anyone who can identify any or all of the remaining children. I recognize some of the names from family, both blood and by marriage. I went to school with a Hamblin brother and sister in Cincinnati. They were born in Everts, Harlan County, Kentucky. It could be their father was related to the Imogene Hamblin (15th child, second row)." Known names are:

FIRST ROW: l) Harold Hall; 2) Kenneth Saylor; 3) ?; 4) Billy Satterfield; 5) ?; 6) Gene Jones; 7) ?; 8) Bill Lawson; 9) Carl Lawson; 10) Robert Howard; and 11) Charles Kesterson.

SECOND ROW: l) Carolyn Evans; 2) Juanita Cloyd; 3) Christine Clifton; 4) ?; 5) ?; 6) Gladys Hoskins; 7) ?; 8) Madeline Carrol; 9) ?; 10) Helen Johnson; 11) Alma Johnson; 12) Lee Ella Hill; 13) Janet Rogers; 14) Anna Gamble; 15) Imogene Hamblin; 16) Freda Wilson; 17) Elizabeth Hensley; 18) Helen Caldwell; and 19) Betty Marcum.

THIRD ROW: 1) ?; 2) ?; 3) ?; 4) Otis Johnson; 5) ?; 6) Lara Blankenship; 7) Fay Howard; 8) Betty Sue Jackson; 9) Fay Robbins; 10) June Creech; 11) Leland Dalton; 12) Ross Shumate; 13) Jepp Metcalf; 14) ?; 15) David Livingston; and 16) May Creech.

FOURTH ROW: 1) Obey Walker; 2) Onis Barnett; 3) Harold Doan; 4) Lewis Heronden; 5) Howard Hall; 6) Bill Stanfield; 7) Geneva Mize; 8) ?; 9) ?; 10) Harold Gothard; 11) Cecil Rowlett; 12) Dock Herron; 13) Charles Card; 14) Clayton Kirby, Jr.; 15) Lola Heronden; and 16) ?.

BACK MIDDLE: Marie Howard, teacher.

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