The Harrodsburg High School Band's Golden Era

During Its Early Years, The Band Performed Throughout The USA

Members of the first Harrodsburg band in 1948 include: (Row 1, left to right) Jane Cocanougher, Nancy Bruver, Peggy Phillips, Helen Farney, Adelene Sims, Betty Divine, Emma Katherine Davenport, Mildred Gaines, Gladys Gritton, Joyce Cornelius, and Elizabeth Peavler; (Row 2) Norma Jo Smith, Josephine Huffman, Loretta Steele, John David McClellan, Bobby Cloyd, Ed Robertson, and John B. Shewmaker; (Row 3) Mildred Daugherty, Holly Chilton, Don Billy Robinson, Dessie Ashton, Glendon Demaree, Kenneth Scrogham, Johnny Tapp, Charles Bonta, Richard James, and Jim Hurt; (Row 4) Loretta Sheperson, Jim Ingram, Shirley Ann Sallee, Lorainne Gay, Nancy Wiley, Nancy Price, Jane Compton, Carolla Lyons, Rita Farney, and Donald Catlett; (Row 5) Bruce Roberts, Jo Ann Asher, Betty Freeman, Peggy Warren, Clona Christerson, Shirley Rice, and Margaret Gortney; (Row 6) Wanda Mae Fallis, Doug Curry, Buzz Riggins, Brennan Royalty, Norvin Bourne, John Alexander, Bruce Hardin, unknown, and Carl Cummins; (Row 7) Buddy Terhune, Jimmy Black, Bill McClellan, Donnie Roberts, Jim Patterson, Curtis Ransdell, and Bruce Bottom; (Row 8) Howard James, Louis Veatch, Bill Gravely, Joe Hurt, Bobby Clark, and Paul Terhune.

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