At Rest Among Thorns
Now In Its Second Printing!

This is the long-awaited story of Captain Bill Strong of Civil War fame and the feudal era of "Bloody Breathitt" County history.

Written by Kentucky Explorer Assistant Editor, David W. Strong, and his father, Sam Strong, Jr., the book was finally published in early 2001 and is now available again (in limited quantity) by mail in its second printing.

This book tells the story of Captain Bill Strong based on stories handed down through the Strong Family.

The authors are direct descendants of Captain Bill, as follows:

  • Thomas Strong
  • Rev. William Strong
  • Col. Edward Strong
  • William "Capt. Bill" Strong
  • Edward "Neddy" Strong
  • Samuel Strong
  • Samuel Strong, Jr.
  • David W. Strong

NOTE: This book is NOT a genealogy collection of the Strong family, although some data is included on Captain Bill's immediate family. A genealogy project is in the works, however, and will be ready in the near future.
Captain Bill summed up the conditions of his own fate, like a fortune-teller. Here are his own words, taken from a rare newspaper interview:
"I do not intend to run, and I know as well as I am now alive that nothing will satisfy them until they kill me, and several other citizens. I do not intend to seek a fight, but will do as I have done, heretofore; defend myself when I am attacked and give them all I've got. There is no use for me to be backward about it. They are thirsting for my blood and will shed it as soon as they can." (- Captain Bill Strong)

(Courier-Journal, January 6, 1879)
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