Our Readers Offer Their Books For Sale

September, 1998

Tales From The Hills

Tales From The Hills, by Ann L. Henderson, is now available. Stories, exploits, and boyhood tales from the Kentucky mountains, researched and collected by the author. The book contains 218 pages, with illustrations by Mark McFerron; indexed. This paperback book can be purchased for $14, plus $2.75 S/H. Contact: Polly House Publications, P. O. Box 127, Mt. Vernon, KY 40456.


Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Rockcastle Recollections, by Ann L. Henderson, is now available. A history of the settlement and development of Rockcastle County, Kentucky, plus an auto-biography of John Lair and his radio career. The book contains 200 pages, 23 photos, and a name and place index. The paperback can be purchased for $14, plus $2.75 S/H. Contact: Polly House Publications, P. O. Box 127, Mt. Vernon, KY 40456.


Rockcastle Families

Rockcastle Roots, by Ann L. Henderson, is now available. An informal genealogy of some 50 Rockcastle County families. The book contains 148 pages, 31 photos, and a name index. Cost of this paperback is $10, plus $2.75 S/H. Contact: Polly House Publications, P. O. Box 127, Mt. Vernon, KY 40456.


Tall Tales And Short Stories

Tall Tales and Short Stories From the Shady Side O' Pine Mountain, by Kedrick Sanders, is now available. This book captures the humorous side of our diverse and multi-faceted Appalachian culture. Though the book is fiction, much of the story material is based on people, places, and events that the author is familiar with. The book is 8 1/2 X 11 inches, 82 pages, and is illustrated. Place this book on your coffee table and no one will be able to resist picking it up, when they see the attractive color illustrations. To order send $8, plus $2 S/H to: Kedrick Sanders, 245 Forest Hill Circle, Jenkins, KY 41537.


Meade County

The History of Meade County, Kentucky 1824-1991, by Laura Young Brown and Marie Coleman, contains the history of the county with pictures. A list of the veterans of the Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, and others is included. The genealogy section is over 200 pages long, and there is an index containing names and places for easy reference. The book contains 440 pages, and comes in hard cover. The price of the book is $40, which includes shipping and handling. To order contact: Marie Coleman, 314 High Street, Brandenburg, KY 40108.


Alexander Stewart Family

The Alexander Stewart Family, Volume II, is now available. It consists of many marriages in the Stewart family. The volume has 273 pages (including an index) and is in workbook form. The cost is $22 (includes S/H). Order from: Garnard Martin, 37830 Tiffany Road, Dade City, FL 33525.


Newfound Creek

Newfound Creek and a One-Room School, by Henry, Opal, and Brenda Banks, is now available. One section of this book is about Newfound Creek, from the early settlers into the 1950s, when the majority of its younger people left to find jobs in Ohio. Another section is devoted to where Henry Banks was born and raised in Clay County; a history of the early settlers of Sexton Creek and Burning Springs. Price of this book is $20, plus $3 S/H. To order contact: Henry B. Banks, 207 Pioneer Drive, Richmond, KY 40475, or call: 606/623-6344.


Life On The Railroad

A limited supply of Tales of the Rails, by the late Wilson L. Wyrick is available. A collection of real-life railroad tales from the Depression Era to the 1960s. Wyrick worked on the L. & N. Railroad in Corbin, Kentucky for 47 years. Most of the stories are humorous and some are tragic. Includes several photographs and maps. The book contains 142 pages and comes in paperback form. To order, send $10 to Mabel Martin, 907 Lexie Court, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122.


Family Cookbook

The Damron Family Cookbook, is now for sale. It has good recipes, family pictures, family history, and stories. Cost is $10, plus $2, S/H. To order contact: Annetta Guess, 2321 Elmwood Avenue, Paducah, KY 42001.


Clay County, Kentucky

The Last Mold of Clay, written by Israel J. Howard, the last living grandson of Patriarch Adrion Ballard Howard, the leader of the Howard clan involved in the Howard-Baker conflict in the late 1800s, also the assassination of William Goebel, is now available. It contains the history of Clay County from its infancy in 1807 until 1939. There are many exclusive pictures and documents featured. To order, send $14 to: Israel J. Howard, 107 House Avenue, Manchester, KY 40962, or call: 606/598-6578.


Family Diseases

Family Diseases: Are You At Risk?, by Myra Vanderpool Gormley, is now available. There are few families who are not affected in some way by genetic disorders, whether a crippling and devastating disease like cystic fibrosis, a chronic condition like high blood pressure, or a predisposition to alcoholism or mental illness. This book is a pioneering effort to explore that relationship, to alert people to things they and their family ought to know about both their family tree and genetic research, and to examine the scientific breakthroughs that have made possible the control and treatment of some inherited diseases. This book contains 166 pp., illustrations, and comes in paperback form. The cost is $19.95. To order contact: Clearfield Company, Inc., 200 E. Eager Street, Baltimore, MD 21202, or call: 410/625-9004.


Colonial Americas

Genealogical Encyclopedia of the Colonial Americas, by Christina K. Schaefer, is now available. This is a complete digest of the records of all the countries of the Western Hemisphere. This immense body of records of the colonial period in the Western Hemisphere presents a serious challenge to the researcher, in some cases even a stumbling block, and therefore in this work Ms. Schaefer has undertaken a systematic examination of the records to show the researcher where to find the most important genealogical records of the period and how to access them, all within the framework of a single encyclopedic volume. This book contains 829 pp., maps, index, and comes in hardcover form. The cost of this book is $49.95. To order contact: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1001 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202, or call: 800/296-6687.


Floyd County, Kentucky

Jack May's War, by Robert Perry, is now available. This book is about Col. Andrew Jackson May, for whom the defense of Floyd County was a personal crusade. In this book, Professor Perry shows that the victories which the Confederates won in this theater, allowing them to retain control of Preston's Saltworks and the Virginia-Tennessee Railroad; and preserved the integrity of the Confederacy and thereby prolonged the war. Using letters, diaries, battle reports, and other primary sources, he fashions a narrative that does justice to the Battle of Ivy Mountain, the Battle of Princeton, Marshall's three invasions of Eastern Kentucky, and others. It contains 249 pages, has a slick-cover paperback, and comes at a cost of $14.95, plus $2.50, s/h. To order contact: The Overmountain Press, P. O. Box 1261, Johnson City, TN 37605. Add $1.00 s/h for each additional book.


Planning A Reunion

Reunion Planner, by Phyllis A. Hackleman, is now available. We Americans appear to have embarked upon a new era of nostalgia, as evidenced by the unprecedented numbers of families, classmates, service buddies, and others resolving to make contact with one another. This book is an A-Z guide on how to plan a reunion. It gives great detail on how to plan the perfect reunion. It talks about everything from recruiting volunteers to planning meals and decorations. It contains 135 pp., illustrated, and comes in paperback form. The cost is $12.95. To order contact: Clearfield Company, Inc., 200 E. Eager Street, Baltimore, MD 21202, or call: 410/625-9004.


Red River Gorge

The Red River Gorge Driving Tour is a cassette tape and booklet that leads you on a fun and educational tour of the Land of Arches. It lets you travel at your own pace, and gives you a great overview of the area. Along the way, you will be entertained by stories of history and folklore; learn how the Gorge was formed; and how the arches evolved. Old-time banjo music sets the mood for your journey back in time. The tape is about one hour long, and the booklet contains maps and lots of other information about the area. To order, send $11.95 to: Sky Bridge Tours, Inc., P. O. Box 653, Campton, KY 41301, or call: 606/668-7572.


London, Kentucky

Images of America: London, by Carl Keith Greene, is now available. Ever since Daniel Boone and Dr. Thomas Walker made their way through the Cumberland Gap, people from all walks of life have been visiting the rugged land that became London and Laurel County. London was born from those who stayed, and from her establishment in 1826 to the present day, the energy of Londoners has made it a successful, dynamic place that is hard to leave. This book contains 127 pages, with photos of London's landscape; aerial views of downtown; and shots of Levi Jackson Wilderness Road, and comes in paperback form. To order, send $16.00 to: Arcadia Publishing, 2 Cumberland Street, Charleston, SC 29401, or call: 843/853-2070.


Laurel County

Images of America: Laurel County, by Carl Keith Greene, is now available. This book features a wide assortment of photographs from all areas of Laurel County, including vintage views of town founders, families, mill workers, and business people like Col. Harland Sanders, who first fried his famous chicken at a restaurant in Laurel County. We see turn-of-the-century businesses and school classes, church and social activities, and county landmarks, and we rediscover the area's Swiss heritage and uncover the beginnings of Sue Bennett College. This book contains 127 pages, filled with photographs. To order, send $16.99 to: Arcadia Publishing, 2 Cumberland Street, Charleston, SC 29401, or call: 843/853-2070.


Tracing The Cornett Family

Climbing the Right Ladder, by John Eldon Cornett, is now available. This book is an attempt to place a perspective on the importance of the family and what it means to the nation, through the story of just one line of American patriots. They chose to sacrifice personal pleasures for the home, for their country, and for their God. They leaned their ladder on the right wall. This 232-page book includes 100 pages of narrative, 65 photos, maps, and illustrations, plus numerous family charts. The last 115 pages of the book are a detailed genealogy of the descendants of William Cornett. The book may be ordered by sending $24.50, in check or money order, to: John Cornett, 210 Laurel Hill Street, London, KY 40741. Kentucky residents add 6% sales tax.


Descendants And History

Most Distinguished Characters on the American Frontier, Robert Looney (b. 1692-1702, d. 1770), of Augusta (now Botetourt) County, Virginia, and some of his descendants, with histories of the Great Road, Looney's Ferry, Crow's Ferry, Anderson's Ferry, Boyd's Ferry, and Beale's Bridge, Volume I, by Madge Looney Crane and Phillip L. Crane, is now available. This book details the history of Robert and Elizabeth Looney of August County, Virginia. The introduction discusses the traditional roots of the Looney Family on the Isle of Man, the importance of Looney's Ferry, and other crossings of the James River in the vicinity of what is now Buchanan, Botetourt Court, Virginia. The book includes the exact location of Robert Looney's tracts of land on modern-day maps. Over 48 maps by the author, 34 historical maps, 18 plats, and 38 photographs; over 100 excerpts and documents, with transcriptions. Charts are used to show some of Robert Looney's descendants through the fourth generation. This book has 442 pp. and comes in cloth cover. The cost is $40, plus $5.50 S/H, Ohio residents, add $2.60 Ohio tax. Order from: Madge Looney Crane, RR 1, Box 193, Waterford, OH 45786.