MAY 1999


July 1940--A Time To Relax Page 2

Letters To The Kentucky Explorer 4

Escaping A Yellow Fever Panic 10

Flatboat Attacked By Indians In 1788 12

The Death Of A Dump 15

A Kentuckian Becomes A Civil War Spy 16

World War I Veteran Honored By France 18

A Kentucky Monument At Vicksburg 19

Kentucky's Postal Service Through The Years 20

Rocking On The Front Porch 23

Some Early Perry County Coal Companies 24

Remembering Mrs. Willie Sandlin 26

The Life Of "Bad" John Wright 31

Grandpa Jess Sitting In The Moon 33

Mammoth Cave Through Old Images 34

In Kentucky's Moonshine Land 100 Years Ago 37

A Look At Ano, Kentucky 41

Nevyle Shackelford, Noted Writer, Passes 42

Rev. Lampton Preached For Fifty-Seven Years 44

Growing Up During The Great Depression 45

Old-Time Religion In Eastern Kentucky 47

Days Of The High Bridge Lumber Company 50

Wit And Humor From Yesteryear 52

Kentucky's 1879 State Gazetteer 53

Ellisburg And Its Bay Window Post Office 55

Kentucky Court Houses Of The Past 56

Going After The Granny Woman 58

Attacked By Indians In Bullitt County In 1780s 59

Swappin' Meetin' Is A Time To Revisit Past 60

My Travels With Jesse 63

Professor Clarke Once Tamed A County 66

Magoffin County Men Remember The CCC's 70

Genealogy From The Long Ago 72

Genealogy From Dr. Dickey's Diary 74

Old-Time Recipes To Enjoy 76

A Word Puzzle -- Kentucky Derby Winners 77

Kentucky Genealogy Help Line 78

Historical Sketches Of Kentucky 86

Kentucky Kinfolks - Genealogy From 1930s 88

May Events To Enjoy 90

Reunions And Special Events 92

I Remember - By Our Readers 94

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