Kentucky Kinfolks

Genealogy From The Louisville Hearld-Post, 1930s

Edited By J. Emerson Miller

Editor's Note: In the mid-1930's The Louisville Herald-Post conducted a genealogy column featuring materials sent in by its readers. We thought our readers would find the column interesting. We will reprint parts from this column each month. Because they were printed some sixty years ago, we do not have anyother facts except those given below. We hope our readers enjoy the new Kentucky Kinfolks column.


Dr. John Ewing died 1802, probably in Franklin County, Kentucky. He had a number of children, including a son, Francis Waller Ewing, and a daughter, Mary, who married James Sims. There were other sons and daughters whose names I am not sure about. The names of the parents of Dr. John Ewing are not known; nor his wife. His wife could have been a Miss Waller. There was possibly a Sims family that lived in Madison, Clark, or Woodford Counties before 1860.


Alexander Kelly of Virginia married Elizabeth _____. They had, with perhaps other children, a son, James Kelly, born March 12, 1737, married Susan Wilson, born October 4, 1741. Their children were: John Kelly, born April 3, 1761; Spicer Kelly; Doniphan Kelly; Molly Kelly; James Y. Kelly, born September 12, 1765; and Alexander Doniphan Kelly. John Kelly, born April 3, 1761, married (1) Jane Payne, born August 31, 1760; married (2) Dinah Conway, born May 11, 1773. By these two marriages there were the following children: Fanny Kelly; John P. Kelly; Geo. P. Kelly; Peter Conway Kelly; Jane P. Kelly; Alex D. Kelly; William T. Kelly; Elizabeth Kelly; James W. Kelly; Susan W. Kelly; Richard P. Kelly; Thomas Conway Kelly, born December 25, 1799; Spicer W. Kelly; Mary Ann Kelly; and Henry W. Kelly.

James Y. Kelly (son of James and Susan Wilson Kelly), born September 12, 1765, married Nancy Neale. Issue: Susan Kelly, married Mr. Boulware; Sally Kelly, married M. Sheehey; James Kelly; Nancy Kelly, married Geo. P. Kelly; Elizabeth Kelly, married V. Rogers; Penelope Kelly, married Thomas C. Kelly; Spicer Kelly; and John Kelly. John Y. Kelly emigrated to Kentucky about 1800.

The initials "W" and "P" repeated so often in the names of the Kelly children suggests that they stood for family names.

The Kellys lived in Fauquier County, Virginia, before coming to Kentucky.


John Williams came from Virginia to Kentucky with seven children and died in 1783. His eldest daughter named Sarah; his youngest child, Raleigh Williams, born 1777. Another daughter was Cynthia (called Santha).


James M. Stewart married Mary Catherine Whitaker, daughter of Seth Whitaker and wife, Elizabeth Peyton, September 23, 1845, in Spencer County, Kentucky, and died about 1850 in Daviess County, Kentucky. He was possibly a son of James and Mildred Stewart, who was listed in the U. S. census for 1850 as follows: James Stewart, a ge 62, native of Virginia, wife Mildred, age 58 years, native of Virginia, and children: Harriet, age 17 years, native of Kentucky; and Alexander Stewart, age 12 years, native of Kentucky.


William Hoy and wife, Sarah, came to Kentucky and are said to have settled first in Bourbon County and later in Madison County, where William Hoy died, leaving a will dated March 15, 1790, probated April 7, 1790. His will named Betsy South, Rowland Hoy, James Hoy, Docia Hoy, Kezia Hoy, William Hoy, Fanny Hoy, Celia Hoy, and Thania Hoy; also, Humphrey Tunstall and James McMullen, relationship not stated, but possibly married to William Hoy's daughters, then deceased. Executors: Rowland Hoy, John South, and Richard Tunstall.


Sarah McAfee married December 1, 1790 (one record says 1791), in Mercer County, Kentucky, James Curran (Curren). One record says his name was Curry, perhaps, because there are so many Currys there. Sarah McAfee was the daughter of Robert McAfee, born July 10, 1745, died 1766, and Ann McCoun. Robert and Ann McCoun McAfee had eight children, three of whom married Cardwells. Their son, Robert Madison, married Polly Cardwell, and wrote a history of the McAfee family, in which he refers to other McAfee families. This Robert McAfee was the son of James McAfee and Jane McMichael, and grandson of John McAfee and his wife, Mary Rogers. I have Stephen Lyon, married September 12, 1814,and three other Stephen Lyon marriages, 1813 and 1814.


Mrs. Nancy Mourning died in Anderson County, Kentucky, May 1876. She was born in 1784. How was she kin to Elizabeth Hubbard Mourning of Taylor County, Kentucky, who was born in 1808 and died July 1908, age 100? The names of the husbands of Mrs. Nancy Mourning and Mrs. Elizabeth Mourning are unknown. Mrs. Elizabeth Hubbard Mourning had at least two children: Nancy Anderson Mourning and Gilbert Hubbard Mourning. The latter was born about 1838 and came to Louisville as a young man. He died here on July 12, 1924. His wife was Miss Jennie Moore.


John "Devil Jack" Sevier, born Virginia, 1769, son of Colonel Valentine Sevier, married 1800, Susannah Conway, born June 9, 1776, died May 4, 1816, daughter of Col. Henry Conway, a distinguished Revolutionary soldier, and his wife, Sarh Hundley.

James Sevier, born October 25, 1764, first cousin of "Devil Jack" Sevier and son of Gen. John Sevier, pioneer, soldier, and first governor of Tennessee, married March 29, 1789, Mary Conway, born March 22, 1772, died July 15, 1843, sister of Susannah Conway.

John Sevier, Jr., son of Gov. John Sevier, born June 20, 1766, at New Market, Virginia, died April 26, 1845, married (1) July 8, 1788, Elizabeth Conway, sister of Susannah and Mary Conway; married (2) Sarah Richards; and married (3) Sophia Garroute. Thus, three Conway sisters married three Seviers.

John "Devil Jack" Sevier and his wife, Susannah Conway, had seven children. One of their sons, Ambrose Hundley Sevier, born November 10, 1801, U. S. Senator from Arkansas, married August 26, 1827, Juliette Johnson, born October 12, 1812, died March 16, 1845, daughter of Judge Benjamin Johnson and niece of Col. James Johnson, Senator Robert Ward Johnson, and Richard Mentor Johnson, ninth vice-president of the United States; all born on Beargrass Creek, near the present city of Louisville, Kentucky. Mattie Johnson, daughter of Ambrose and Juliette Johnson Sevier, married John Shelby Williams, of Nashville, Tennessee, and their daughter Mattie Johnson Williams married Robert P. Bonnie, of Louisville, Kentucky, and had children: Shelby W. Bonnie, Mattie Sevier Bonnie, and Robert P. Bonnie, Jr.

Susannah, Mary, and Elizabeth Conway were sisters of James Sevier Conway, governor of Arkansas, and of Elias Nelson Conway, also governor of Arkansas. Their father, Col. Henry Conway, is said to have been the son of Thomas Conway and his wife, Ann Rector, of Fauquier County,Virginia. Still another account, however, declares they were sisters of Capt. Thomas Conway, born Pittsylvania County, Virginia, married Ann Rector.

I think it not improbable that descendants of the Conway family may be able to point out which of the two statements is in error and, I hope, give further information in regard to the ancestry of the Conway sisters. These Conways were able people and influential figures in the history of several states for nearly a century. They evidently sprang from worthy forebears.