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Editor's Note: We have come across an interesting collection of old clippings dealing with Kentucky family history. Since these clippings are about 100 years old, your editor feels they will be of interest to many of our readers. We will continue this column each month until the supply is gone.


The will of Gabriel Jones, made September 5, 1776 and recorded in Will Book B, page 229, can be found in the Culpeper, Virginia County Clerk's office. The information received will show that James Green married Betty Jones, the sister of Capt. Gabriel Jones, of the Revolution. Betty Green's sisters were: Lucy Poindexter, Jane Gray, and Dorothy Johnston. Their grandfather was probably Cad-wallader Jones, 1687, son of Richard Jones. Whether Capt. Gabriel and "Gabriel of Valley Lawyer" were related is undetermined. The captain's family was from London, England, and they had a coat of arms. In the will of Robert Green you will learn that lands were given to James. The descendants of James have but little accurate history, and some of them seem to care little for any information. Robert Green, father of James, married Mary Ball, not Patty, as stated in St. Mark's Parish History. Samuel Ball, one of the first vestry of said parish, was the father of Mary Ball Green. The latter Robert Green conducted the long and tedious suit between Green, Hite, et. al., against the Lord Fairfax representatives and defeated them. Some of the descendants of James Green reside in Falmouth and Fredericksburg, Virginia. Mrs. Ann Waller was the mother of the first wife of Capt. Gabriel Jones.


Hugh McGary and his brother, Robert, came to Indiana from Kentucky. Hugh was a colonel in a Kentucky regiment in the early Indian wars, after which service he came to Indiana and settled on a farm, upon which Evansville now stands. Hugh McGary sold out to Evans, after whom the city is named. Robert, the brother, born in Kentucky, came in 1809, to Gibson County, Indiana, and at McGary's Station died in 1840 - 45. No further information is made of Hugh. This is from the history of Gibson County.


The Barbour family of Virginia and Kentucky descend from James Barbour, of Culpeper, who was vestryman of St. Mark's Parish, 1731 - 40, through his two sons, James and Thomas.

1. James B. II, represented Culpeper in the House of Burgesses in 1764, married Frances Throck-morton and had children: 1. Mordecai, married Elizabeth Strode, had Hon. John S., married Miss Bierne and was a member of Congress from Virginia; and Maria, married Thomas Gist; 2. James; 3. Thomas, married Mary Taylor, had James; Thomas T., married first, Anne Taylor, and second, Mrs. Rebecca Bibb; William, married first, Mary B. Taylor, and second, Eleanor Taylor; Edwin, married Elizabeth Hopkins; John Mordecai; Gabriel S., married Lucy Baylor; Anne, married Charles Taylor; and Richard, married first, Edmonia Bowles; second, Elizabeth McConn; and third, Margaret Richards; 4. Richard, married Mary Moore; 5. Gabriel; Sally, married Col. John Harrison; 7. Mary, married Col. David Walker; 8. Lucy, married John Wythe Baylor, had Frances, married James Stapleton Crutchfield; Cecilia, married first, Pendleton Taylor, and second, E. G. Young; Lucy, married Gabriel S. Barbour; Louisa, married Albert G. Cruthfield; 9. Philip Barbour, married first, Lucy Taylor, second, Elizabeth Hopkins, had Samuel G. James Mordecai; Lucy Taylor; Philip Norborne, killed at Monterey, Mexico; Frances; and Elizabeth.

2. Thomas Barbour (son of the first James) married Isabella Pendleton and had eight children: 1. Dr. Richard; 2. Thomas; 3. Hon. Philip Pendleton, was Speaker of Congress and Justice of the Supreme Court, married Frances Todd Johnson, had Philippa, married Judge Field; Elizabeth, married John Ambler; Dr. Thomas, married Catherine Strother; Edmund Pendleton, married Hariet Stuart; Quintus, married Mary Somerville; Sextus; and Septimus; 4. James, Governor of Virginia; United States Secretary; Minister to England; Secretary of War, married Lucy Johnson, had Benjamin Johnson; James; Lucy, married John S. Taliaferro; and Frances, married William H. Collins; 5. Lucy, married Thomas Newman, had Lucetta, married James M. Macon; Mrs. Welch; Wilhelmina; and James B.; 6. Millie, married Martin Nally, had Philip P., married first, Miss Wallace, and second, Miss Zimmerman; Cordelia, married Joseph Hiden; Edmonia, married William Major; Fanny, married John C. Hansbrough; Martinette, married George Booton; Jane, married George Clark; Thomas, married Miss Hooe; Benjamin Johnson; and Sarah Ellen, married Col. Garrett Scott; 7. Sallie, married Gabriel Gray, had Mrs. S. F. Leake; Mrs. William Anderson; and Mrs. Cowles; and 8. Mary, married Daniel Bryan, had Mrs. Lathrop; Mrs. Wylie; Mrs. Brown; and two sons.


Francis and Sarah ? Eppes had issue: 1. Francis, died unmarried, 1737; 2. William, of "Longfield" Henrico, and of Chesterfield, vestryman of Dale Parish, 1748, and Justice of Chesterfield, 1749; 3. Richard, of Chesterfield, justice, 1749, member of House of Burgesses, 1752 to 1764, vestryman of Dale Parish, 1752, married Martha, daughter of Robert Bolling, of Prince George, and died in 1765; 4. Anna, married ___ Harris; 5. Martha, married first, Liewellin Eppes; secondly, John Wayles, of "The Forest," Charles City (his third wife).

Richard and Martha Bolling Eppes had: 1. Francis, of Eppington, Chesterfield, born 1747, died July 4, 1808, married Elizabeth, daughter of John Wayles (by his first wife); 2. Richard Henry; 3. Sarah; 4. Martha Bolling; and 5. Tabitha. Capt. Francis Eppes was ancestor of all the families of the Eppes, Epps, and Epes in the counties of Henrico, Charles City, Chesterfield, Prince George, Nottoway, Sussex, and elsewhere in Virginia. He settled in the colony at an early date and was a member of the House of Burgesses, 1625, 1631, and 1645; and a member of the Council, 1652, with a rank of colonel. The first patent issue to him was in 1635.


Josiah Graves, born 1778, presumably in Virginia, married Sarah Lynn, at Lexington, Kentucky, in 1801, died at Lexington, 1829. His brother, John, lived at Lexington. His sister, Caroline, married a Rush, of Ohio.

Sarah Lynn Graves, born in Fauquier County, Virginia, in 1786; came to Kentucky in 1790; and moved to Illinois in 1852. Her sister, Polly, died unmarried at Lexington about the time of the Civil War.

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