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Editor's Note: In the mid-1930's The Louisville Herald-Post conducted a genealogy column featuring materials sent in by its readers. We thought our readers would find the column interesting. We will reprint parts from this column each month. Because they were printed some sixty years ago, we do not have any other facts except those given below. We hope our readers enjoy the Kentucky Kinfolks column.


Michael Harrison, the elder, lived in Kentucky and Tennessee, where he probably died. He went to Virginia with Col. John Sevier and was a captain and later colonel of the militia. He lived for a while in Green County, Tennessee, and he might have died in that county. At any rate he was living there in 1789, as were other members of the Harrison family. Among the Green County marriages, I have noticed that of Elizabeth Harrison, daughter of Daniel Harrison, to Daniel Raegan, June 19, 1787. The Harrison family of Rockingham County originally settled in Augusta County, Virginia, from which Rockingham was formed, and it is said that they came to Augusta from Westmoreland County, Virginia; where Daniel Harrison patented land as early as 1666. He is thought to have been a brother of Burr Harrison of Stafford County. There are numerous references to the Harrisons in the Rockingham County records which space will not permit quoting here, but the following marriages will be of interest to descendants of the Rockingham County family: Michael Harrison and Margaret Raegan, February 9, 1784; Daniel Harrison and Ann Patton, January 29, 1784; Jesse Harrison and Elizabeth Wilson, March 5, 1784; Gideon Harrison and Mary Brian, April 23, 1784; Josiah Harrison and Margaret Miller, January 4, 1786; Mary Harrison and Isaac Kiser, October 23, 1783; Robert Harrison and Polly Harrison, September 11, 1784; Nathaniel Harrison and Mary Woodly, 1792; Phebe Harrison and Daniel Raegan, March 1, 1792; Elizabeth Harrison and Thomas Warren, May 2, 1793; and Jane Harrison and Wm. Cravens, January 29, 1794. There are also a number of Raegan and Cravens marriages, two families with which the Harrisons were closely allied.


Edmund P. Pope's daughter, Sallie, married Col. A. Keene Richards, of Georgetown, Kentucky and Transylvania, Louisiana. Col. Keene Richards married as his second wife, Mary E. Winn, of Rapids Parish, Louisiana, December 22, 1867, at Winn Forest, Carroll Parish, Louisiana. Dr. W. L. Richards, of Georgetown, Kentucky, is the father of Keene Richards. Mrs. Eleanora E. S. Richards is the wife of Dr. W. L. Richards, and the daughter of Dr. W. B. Keene, of Georgetown, Kentucky. She died at Lake Providence, Mississippi, December 27, 1830. Sallie Pope Richards died in the home of Leonidas L. Johnson, Louisville, Kentucky on February 2, 1860.


Bartelott Anderson lived in Hanover County, Virginia, where the records were destroyed, except the old books preserved at the Virginia State Library; making information regarding him fragmentary. There were, however, several by the name of Bartelott Anderson in different generations of this family in Hanover. The first Bartelott in Hanover married Mary Cosby, the daughter of John Cosby and his first wife, Martha Garland. John Cosby's will is filed in Louisa County (formed from Hanover), 1761. Mary Cosby, daughter of John, was born about 1711 or earlier.

In Patrick Henry's Account Book, Virginia State Library, page 67, under the date 1764, we find Mary Anderson, widow of Bartelott Anderson. Among the children of Bartelott and Mary Cosby Anderson appear to have been: William; Bartelott, Jr.; Garland; Frances, wife of John Smith, of Hanover; and possibly others. This seems true because of adjoining lands in Hanover. There was one Bartelott Anderson, probably son of the elder Bartelott, who died in Hanover between 1795 - 1798 (land lists for Hanover); this Bartelott and Garland Anderson were both members of the Virginia Assembly, 1783, Garland having first been elected in 1776 - 77 "in place of Patrick Henry, elected governor." We also find Nelson Anderson that served in the Assembly from Hanover, 1782.

The "Gold Mine" Andersons are thought to have descended from Richard Anderson, of Gloucester and York Counties. Since we found in York County, Virginia, the deposition of one Bartelott Anderson dated April 5, 1694, in which he stated he was 36 years of age, along with the deposition of John Anderson, under the same date, in which he stated he was 30 years of age (see Deed Book, 1694 - 1697, pps. 11, 12), it is possible these were brothers of Robert Anderson II; and that Bartelott Anderson, who appears in Hanover at an early date was a son of Bartelott of the York County deposition.

John Cosby was born in York.


Peter Cartwright, famous Methodist preacher of early days, was born in Amelia County, Virginia, 1785, settled in Lincoln County, Kentucky, and later removed to Logan County. He was married in Barren County, in 1808, to Frances Gaines.


Daniel Neale, of Scott County, Kentucky, was born in Fairfax County, Virginia, 1735. He married in Loudoun County, Virginia, Jemima, daughter of William and Margaret Ward Kitchen, of Fairfax County. Their children were: Daniel, William, Presley, John, Thaddeus, Rodham, Jemima, Penelope, Susan, and Mary Neale.


Thomas Ficklin, born about 1750, married Mary Herndon, and they resided in Spottsylvania County, Virginia, until about 1780; when he moved to Kentucky and, with his wife and at least two of their children, was in the stockade at Boonesboro when the place was besieged by Simon Girty, 1782.

John Ficklin, brother of Thomas, born about 1755, served in the Revolution and later removed to Kentucky. He is said to have had 11 children.

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