Submitting Articles & Photographs For Publication

A large percentage of material featured in The Kentucky Explorer is sent in by our readers. There are no formal requirements for publication, but here are a few things to remember.

Submission of your material does not guarantee that it will be published. The backlog of material is huge, and it is often several months before a submission is even considered for publication. Therefore, your patience in this matter is a must!

1. Most anything of general interest (old or new) to Kentuckians is acceptable.

2. It is recommended that articles be typewritten (by computer word processor or typewriter), double-spaced, and limited to not more than 3,000 words. However, for those of you who do not own typewriters or word processors, handwritten or printed material is acceptable. All words should be typed in UPPER & LOWER CASE ONLY! Do not use fancy cursive fonts or ALL CAPS. Once your articles are chosen for publication, they are scanned into an OCR program, which does not recognize fancy fonts.

3. Please double check all your facts and dates.

4. It is important that some type of illustration or photograph is provided with each article. Genealogy stories should have appeal to a wide audience, and please give essential facts about the family or person. Again, double-check your facts and dates.

5. Old photos of Kentucky scenes, people, etc., are needed. Photos are returned, if requested. Color copies made on copy machines usually do fine.

6. If sending by e-mail, scan your photos in .JPG format only, at a setting of 200 dpi (dots per inch). If sending text, please use industry standard e-mail settings. DO NOT SEND DOCUMENTS IN WINDOWS MICROSOFT WORD FORMAT (with .DOC extensions). WORD is an excellent program, but it is not compatible with our MacIntosh (Apple) computer platform.

Since the Kentucky Explorer does not sell display advertisements in our magazine, and there is no charge to our readers to publish submitted materials, WE DO NOT PAY FOR STORIES OR PHOTOGRAPHS!

Materials should be mailed to:

The Kentucky Explorer, P.O. Box 227, Jackson, KY 41339

Or E-mail Us At: [email protected]

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