Sample Stories From The Kentucky Explorer

These articles are shown here without illustrations. In the magazine several photos illustrated each story. 

May 1999 - Little Salt River Boat Was Attacked By Indians In 1788
February 1999 - General John Hunt Morgan's Funeral
September 1998 - An 1897 Visit With Aunt Susan Hawkins
September 1998 - Last Days And Death Of Daniel Boone
March 1998 - The Kentucky Mountain Fiddler
June 1997 - Civil War Experiences In Kentucky 1861-1862
May 1997 - Ho! For West Liberty - A Trip Taken In 1881
April 1997 - Bird's-Eye View Of Beattyville (1895), Lee County
Note: Each Issue Of The Kentucky Explorer is packed with articles like these featured here. Most articles are illustrated with old photos, sketches, and maps. (Look at our Table of Contents for titles of all articles & features in each issue.) 

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