Monthly Features 

Besides a good number of genealogy and history features which are found regularly in The Kentucky Explorer, each month there are things which we call "special features." These help make our little magazine more interesting and worthwhile. For your information, here is a list of some of them:

1. Panoramic Views - Each month we feature street scenes of Main Street views from across Kentucky. For example in this month's issue the streets of Whitesburg and Shepherdsville are shown. In addition, other panoramic photographs used this month showed the Highland Scottish Games at Glasgow and fishing below the dam at Barren Lake.

2. A County Court House - Each month one of Kentucky's 120 counties are featured here. Shown are a photo of the court house plus any marker or monument found on the court yard.

3. Kentucky Governor - A large photo of a Kentucky governor, plus a short sketch of his life are included each month.

4. Old Post Card Views Of Kentucky - Each month several post card views from about 1910 are used in our pages.

5. Kentucky History Markers - Since Kentucky's highways are marked with several thousand markers telling about events in our state's history, photos of these markers are featured monthly.

6. Old-Time Recipes - Recipes from the long ago are featured monthly.

7. Old Sayings & Events - Each page of the Kentucky Explorer has either an old saying or a historical statement about Kentucky. Plus there is a monthly column from the Old Kentucky Colonel giving some of his favorite words of wisdom.

8. Word Puzzle - Monthly a tough word puzzle featuring a theme concerning Kentucky is found in our magazine.

9. A Pictorial Feature - We often have a pictorial feature in the middle of our magazine. These may be old sketches or rare photos from the past.

10. Old Photos - The pages of The Kentucky Explorer are full of old photos concerning not only events in Kentucky's past, but also many of older families of our state.

11. Book Page & Classified Page - Here our readers share books and other things for sale each month.

12. A Location Map - Each issue of the Explorer has a location map which allows readers to pinpoint where each story takes place in Kentucky.

13. Old Mountain Ballads - Each month (we have featured over 50 thus far) we include an old ballad in our pages.

14. Post Offices - We are currently running a feature each month on one of Kentucky's post offices.

15. Genealogy Features - We have several genealogy features each month. From material from the famous John J. Dickey Diary to Old Genealogy From The Long Ago, readers enjoy our many pages on genealogy.

17. Much More - From time to time we feature poems, sketches, and most anything of interest about our state of Kentucky. Our readers are always submitting exciting things for our pages.

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