Genealogy From The Long Ago


Editor's Note: We have recently come across an interesting collection of old clippings dealing with Kentucky family history. Since these clippings are about 100 years old, your editor feels they will be of interest to many of our readers. We will continue this column each month until the supply is gone.


William Phillips came from England and first settled in Maryland, but afterward moved to Kentucky. He raised six children, viz: William, Ezekiel, Thomas, James, Rachel, and Nancy. William (his son) was born August 18, 1775, and died in Kentucky, February 11, 1815. He was married to Elizabeth Moss and raised five children, viz: Buford, William M., Lorenzo Dow, Lucinda M., and Henry Harrison. The last named was born in 1812 and died in 1892. He was married to Matilda Pickrell, of Fleming County, Kentucky, in 1833, and raised six children, viz: Sarah, who married Dr. S. D. Welch; Martha, who married Dr. George S. Brother; Delila, who married H. Clay Megee; Judge William H., who married first, Polina V. Spears, and second, Alice Shook; Theodore Frelinghisen, who married Mary S. Lewis. They had three children, viz: Henry H., who married Jeane Milam; Thornton L., who married Annette Kidd; and James S., who has not married; and Thomas, who has not married.

Matilda Pickrell was a daughter of Henry Pickrell, who was born in Loudon County, Virginia, on March 17, 1782, and emigrated to Kentucky and married Sallie Gilkerson, of Kentucky, who was of Irish descent. Henry Pickrell's parents came from Yorkshire, England, and settled in Loudon County, Virginia. Henry Pickrell settled in Montgomery County, Kentucky, near Aaron's Run, and very near where the post office of Side View is now located, but afterward removed to Shelby County, Kentucky; and finally settled in what is now Sangamon County, Illinois, with several of his grown sons and most of his family and died there. His grandson, Hon. Henry Pickrell, now lives in Springfield, Illinois, a very prominent man and one among the most prominent shorthorn breeders of that state. Henry is now deceased.


It appears from the records of Goochland County, Virginia, that Hugh Moss, the ancestor of the Moss family in Jessamine County, was commissioned a captain of the Goochland County Militia in 1760 and was commissioned in 1770. He served in the Revolutionary War, and he died from wounds received in battle in 1780. The father of Hugh Moss was James Moss, who was born in England in 1719, where he married Elizabeth Henderson, whose forefathers came from Scotland. Hugh Moss married Jane Ford, daughter of Thomas and Keturah Wynne Ford. Hugh Moss left six sons and three daughters. William Moss was one of the sons, and it is said was born in 1759. Dr. James Moss, the eldest son of Hugh Moss, was a major in the Revolutionary War, and settled in Kentucky where he died in 1817. Keturah L. Moss, a daughter of Dr. James Moss, married General James Taylor, of Newport, Kentucky. William Moss married Louise Le Compte, who was of French descent. They had 12 children, all born in Virginia, viz: Polly, who married Jerry Dickerson; Judith, who married John Taylor; Patsey, who married Charles McCabe; Elizabeth, who married William Phillips, was the mother of Henry Harrison Phillips, and was born in Virginia in 1782 and died in Kentucky in 1867; Jennie, who married John Garner; Tabitha, who married ______ Kersey; Nancy, who married Charles Myers; Ray ____, who married Jane McKinney; James, killed at the battled of River Raisin; William Moss; and Peyton Moss.

Inhabitants Of Jamestown, Virginia In 1624

This is a list of inhabitants of Jamestown, Virginia in 1624, from Hotten's List of Emigrants to America: Sir Francis Wyatt, Governor; Margaret, Lady Wyatt; Hawt Wyatt, minister; Kathren Spencer; Thomas Hooker; John Gather; John Matheman; Edward Cooke; George Nelson; George Hall; Jane Burtt; Elizabeth Pomell; Mary Woodward; Sir George Yeardley, knight; Temperance, Lady Yeardly; Argall Yardley; Frances Yeardley; Elizabeth Yeardley; Kilibett Hichcocke; Austen Combes; John Foster; Richard Arrundell; Susan Hall; Ann Grimes; Elizabeth Lyon; ____ Younge; _____ Negroe (female); _____ Negro (female); Alice Davison; Edward Sharples; Jone Davies; Geore Sands, treasurer; Captain William Perce; Jone Perce; Robert Hedges; Hugh Wms. (Williams); Thomas Moulston; Henry Farmor; John Lightfoote; Thomas Smith; Roger Ruese; Alexander Gill; John Cartwright; Robert Austine; Edward Bricke; William Ravenett; Jacomb Andrews; ____ Andrews; Richard Alder; Ester Evere; Angello A Negar; doct. John Pott; Elizabeth Pott; Richard Townsend; Thomas Leister; John Kullaway; Randall Howlett; Jane Dickenson; Fortune Taylor; Capt. Roger Smith; Mrs. Smith; Elizabeth Salter; Sarah Macocke; Elizabeth Rolfe; Chri Lawson; ____ Lawson; Francis Fouler; Charles Waller; Henry Booth; Capt. Ralph Hamor; Mrs. Hamor; Jereme Clement; Elizabeth Clement; Sarah Langley; Sisley Greene; Ann Addams; Elkinton Ratcliffe; Frances Gibson; James Yemanson; John Pontes; Christopher Best; Thomas Clarke; Mr. Reignolds; Mr. Hickmore; ____ Hickmore; Sarah Riddall; Edward Blaney; Edward Hudson; __ Hudson; William Hartley; John Shelley; Robert Bew; William Ward; Thomas Mentis; Robert Whitmore; Robert Chauntree; Robert Sheppard; William Sawier; Lanslott Damport; Math. Loyd; Thomas Ottway; Thomas Crouch; Elizabeth Starkey; Elinor ____; Mrs. Perry; Infans Perry; Frances Chapman; George Graues (Graves); ____ Graues; Rebecca Snowe; Sarah Snowe; John Isgraw (Isgrave); Mary Ascombe; Banamy Bucke; Gercyon Bucke; Peleg Bucke; Mara Bucke; Abram Porter; Bridget Clarke; Abigall Ascombe; John Jackson; ____ Jackson; Ephraim Jackson; Mr. John Burrows; Mrs. Burrows; Anthony Burrows; John Cooke; Nicholas Gouldsmith; Elias Gaill; Andrew Howell; Ann Ashley; John Southern; Thomas Pasmore; Andrew Rayle; Nath Jefferys; ____ Jefferys; Thomas Hebbs; Clement Dilke; Mrs. Dilke; John Hinton; Richard Stephens; Wassell Rayner; ____ Rayner; John Jackson; Edward Price; Osten Smith: Thomas Spilman; Bryan Cawt; George Menify; Moyes Ston; Capt. Holmes; Mr. Calcker; Mrs. Calcker; infant Calcker; Peceable Sherwood; Anthony West; Henry Barker; Henry Scott; Margery Dawse; Mr. Cann; Capt. Hartt; Edward Spalding; ____ Spalding; Puer Spalding; Puella Spalding; John Helin; ____ Helin; Puer Helin; infant Helin; Thomas Graye; Jone Graye; William Graye; Richard Younge; ___ Younge; Jone Younge; Randall Smallwood; John Greene; William Mudge; Mrs. Southey; Ann Southey; Elin Painter; Goodman Webb.

On James Island: John Osbourn; ____ Osbourn; George Pope; Robert Constable; William Jones; ___ Jones; John Johnson; infant Johnson; infant Johnson; John Hall; ___ Hall; William Cooksey; ___ Cooksey; infant Cooksey; Alice Kean; Robert Fitts; ____ Fitts; John Reddish; John Grevett; ____ Grevett; John West; Rhomas West; Henry Glover; Goodman Stoiks; ___ Stoiks; infant Stoiks; Mr. Adams; Mr. Leet; William Spence; ___ Spence; infant Spence; James Tooke; James Roberts; Anthony Harlow; Sarah Spence; George Shurke; John Booth; Robert Bennett.