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Seek info. on Reuben Price, b. ca. 1790, Ky., m. Madison Co., Ky., 3/30/1811, Sally Parke, served in War of 1812, later moved to Jackson Co., Tenn., possible brothers moved with him. Who were his siblings and parents? Also, info. on Ezekiel Carnahan, b. ca. 1807, d. 5/7/1878, Jackson Co., Tenn., m. Nancy Price West (3rd wife). Any info. appreciated.

Frances Thorne McCoin

RR 1 Box 56

Caruthersville, MO 63830

e-mail: [email protected]


Seek info. on my g. g. grandfather, Eligh Miller, b. Quicksand, Breathitt Co., Ky., father of Matilda Miller, m. George Washington Mullins, buried in Jim Peet Graveyard, Jeff, Ky., children: Adelia; Booker; Bill; Eligh; Jim; Margarett; Eliza; Elehanan; and Gracie, Red Fox, Ky., had, Nola May Slone, m. Curt Wells. Any info. appreciated.

Carl Gene Lawson, Jr.

5041 W. Lawson Drive

Scottsburg, IN 47170



My paternal g. g. g. grandparents, Micajah Pitman, b. ca. 1816, N. C., d. 12/1898, and Mary Baker, b. 1820, d. ?; paternal g. g. grandparents, John W. Marler/Marlor, b. 1852, Tenn., d. 10/10/1926, and Serena Pitman, b. 2/3/1853, Rockcastle Co., Ky., d. 2/3/1941; and maternal g. g. grandparents, Thomas Stallsworth, b. 1838, Tenn., d. 1/6/1903, and Sarah Brewer, b. 1846, Ky., d. 12/28/1894; paternal g. grandparents, Frank Stephens, b. 1/29/1866, d. 7/17/1927, and Josephine Price, b. 2/23/1869, d. 6/10/1958, and Charles Marler/Marlor, b. 7/20/1878, Rockcastle Co., Ky., d. 12/25/1957, and Fannie Murry; and maternal g. grandparents, Frank Stallsworth, b. 5/29/1886, d. 2/22/1950, and Rosa Rash, b. 11/24/1885, d. 1/22/1976, and Joseph Lewis Phillips, b. 1/12/1885, Va., d. 5/29/1972, and Catherine Jane Sowders, b. 8/1/1875, Va., d. 7/6/1960; paternal grandparents, James Richard Jackson Stephens, b. 5/30/1898, d. 11/18/1977, and Bessie Mae Murry, b. 3/8/1899, d. 3/18/1968; and maternal grandparents, David Stallsworth, b. 5/3/1912, Callaway, Rockcastle Co., Ky., d. 10/22/1985, and Hattie Marie Phillips, b. 4/21/1916, Rhode, Va., d. 3/26/1996; and parents, James Thomas Stephens, b. Sand Springs, Rockcastle Co., Ky., and Lorene Stallsworth, Rockcastle Co., Ky. Any info. appreciated. Will share info.

Angela M. Coriell

P. O. Box 1131

Mt. Vernon, KY 40456

e-mail: [email protected]


Seek info. on Harlan Noble, Perry Co., Ky., brother of Cecil and Grand Noble, son of Nancy and Richmond Noble, last known to live in Ind. Any info. appreciated.

Mary Brinson

1811 Zion Lane

Hillsboro, OH 45133



Seek info. on my g. grandmother, Elizabeth J. Raborn, m. 1st, Lewis Walker, had 4 children; and 2nd, my g. grandfather, Joel H. Clark, b. ca. 1840, Ky., had Delila Ann Clark. Who were Elizabeth's parents and siblings? Any info. appreciated.

Sara E. Siemering

3775 Moorhill Drive

Cincinnati, OH 45241


Seek info. on Tyre/Tarye family. My g. grandmother, Louise Tyre, b. Breathitt Co., Ky., ca. 1850, d. 1942, Cumberland, Ky., m. Washington Pennington, lived in Leslie and Harlan Cos., children: Polly, m. Jasper Witt; Minnie Bell, m. Joe Lewis; Emily, m. Criss Witt; Judy, m. ? Blevins; Mae, m. ? Combs, had N. J. B. Combs; Isaac; Blanco; Jasper; Boyd; and Ray. Jasper and Polly were my grandparents. Any info. appreciated.

Mrs. Willie M. Drake

P. O. Box 4130

Harrogate, TN 37752


Seek info. on Thomas Fugate and Cordelia Hudson Fugate, had, Mahalia Fugate, b. 10/6/1904, Knott Co., Ky., d. 4/17/1988, Ind., m. 1924, William Cleveland Rains. Any info. appreciated.

Ericka Lane Ault

1583 Old 31 South

Franklin, IN 46131


Seek info. on following families: Renner, Stokes, and Cox, Rockcastle Co., Ky. Any info. appreciated.

Annabess Renner Shatto

954 Elkcam Boulevard

Cocoa, FL 32927


Seek info. on following names: Price, Rattliff, Lamkin, Stearman, Bright, Kennedy, Kendall, Chaudoin, Parrott, Patterson, Morgeson, Hundley, Light, Monday, Strader, Crews, Cooley, Gribbins, Moore, Buckman, and Tungate, from Green, Marion, Meade, Taylor, and surrounding counties in Ky. Any info. appreciated.

Jessica Cole

5556 LaGrange Road

Shelbyville, KY 40065


Seek info. on Thaddeus Hartwidge Warmoth, b. 1761, Va., d. 12/31/1847, m. 1st, Winney Gathings; m. 2nd, Polly or Mary Bonar, b. 1805, d. 1855, lived in Garrard Co., Ky. Any info. appreciated. Will share info.

Donna League

143 Eastern Avenue

Lancaster, KY 40444


Seek info. on my g. grandfather, James Buchanan, and his children: Elijah, b. 9/8/1809; Dicy, b. 6/14/1812; John N., b. 3/26/1816; Menary, b. 6/18/1818; James S., b. 10/18/1820; William L., b. 9/14/1826; Samuel, b. 3/19/1826; and Thomas J., b. 8/5/1831. Any info. appreciated.

James Gilbert Buchanan

445 Middle Bridge Road Apt. 78

Bowling Green, KY 42103


Seek info. on Nell Nicely, Springfield, Ohio, granddaughter of William and Minerva Cornelius Nicely, Mt. Vernon, Ky. Minerva was sister to Sarah Liz Cornelius, m. Andrew J. Castell. Any info. appreciated.

Lena Hayes

2925 Liberty Road

Crab Orchard, KY 40419


Seek info. on Charles O. White, b. Henry Co., Ky., m. 9/19/1867, Serelda Jones, b. Owen, Ky., had son, Charles L. White. Did they have any other children? Any info. appreciated.

Reba L. Goley

2650 East 500 North

Whiteland, IN 4618


Seek info. on George Gray, son of Auston and Lucy Gray, and Nannie Hunt Gray, had children: Nadie Belle, died when her clothes caught fire before 1910; Bertha Gray Whitton, died in childbirth; Herman; Clifford; Earl; Owen; and Sarabelle Gray Traylor. Any info. appreciated.

Nannie Gray Crouch

1195 Hickey Road

Sharpsburg, KY 40374


William J. Moore, b. 3/23/1830, Clay Co., Ky., son of William Moore and Deborah Bowman Moore, m. 1st., ca. 1852, Isabella Strong, dau. of Alexander Strong and Anne Wilson; and m. 2nd, a Baker, left Owsley Co., Ky. before 1860. Where did he go? What are the names and birthdates of his children? What was his 2nd wife's name? Any info. appreciated.

Ruth Eager Moran

5001 Brettshire Way

Oklahoma City, OK 73142


Seek info. on Jackson Doke Richardson, b. 1816, son of Stephen Richardson (1790 - 1877) and Nancy H. Burch, m. Malinda Meece, dau. of Jacob Meece and Ann Joanna Nevil. When did Jackson die? Where is he buried? Any info. appreciated.

Mary Frances Pierce

704 W. Jackson Street

Muncie, IN 47305


Seek the descendants of William Philpot Moore, b. 1829, d. 1907, Owsley Co., Ky., m. Annis McQueen, children: James R. Moore, m. Serilda Shock; Isabelle Moore, m. Jacob McKinney; Rachel Moore, m. James McKinney; Mary Ellen Moore, m. Gilbert Hobbs; Rosannah Moore, m. Millard F. Hobbs; Daniel B. Moore, m. Virginia Rosa Blake; Nancy Jane Moore, m. 1st, George Moore, m. 2nd, Nathan Arnold; Francis Moore, m. George Washington McKinney; William Moore, m. Ellen Gross; Emily Moore; Marion Moore, m. Edith Ann Million; John M. Moore, m. Upheme Hobbs; and Mackdonald Moore, m. Lona Parks. Any info. or photos appreciated.

Joyce Carl

169 Lower Dry Fork

McKee, KY 40447


Seek info. and Cherokee ancestry on my g. grandfather, Pewter John Stamper, aka, John Reeves (birth name James W. Stamper), b. N. C., possibly son of Cherokee Indian chief and Agnes Reeves, m. Sarah "Sallie" Stamper, 6/8/1820, Floyd Co., Ky. Also, info. on birth, death, and marriage of Sebastian Basil Abrams, aka Sebastian Baltimore Abrams, and Esther Blackburn, Carter Co., Ky., 1880, lived in following places: Carter, Greenup, and Madison Cos., Ky.; Butler Co., Ohio; Pike Co., Ill.; and Muncie, Ind. Any info. appreciated.

Gladys Stamper Meyers

1912 Galetown Drive

Severn, MD 21144


Seek info. on Peters family, Owsley, and Wolfe Cos., Ky. My g. g. g. g. g. grandfather, John B. Peters, b. late 1700s; g. g. g. g. grandfather, John B. Peters, b. 1829, Va.; g. g. g. grandfather, John B. Peters, b. 1845, Virginia; g. g. grandfather, John Henery Peters, b. 1878, Nicholls, Ky.; and g. grandfather, Hugh Peters, b. 1905, d. 1991. Also, seek info. on following: Lansdale family, Montgomery and Bath Cos., Ky.; Machpelan Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Ky.; photos and books on Lansdale family; and old photos or books on Lee Co., Ky., especially the town of Beattyville. Any info. appreciated.

Amy Lansdale

5693 Fairview Drive

Carlisle, OH 45005

e-mail: [email protected]


Seek info. on Second Lt., Pierce Whittaker, and Cpt. E. D. Whitaker, 4th Ky. Cavalry, enlisted on 10/1862, Salyersville, Ky. My g. g. g. grandfather, George Whittaker; g. g. grandmother, Evaline Whittaker Spurlock; g. grandmother, Melissa Whittaker Watkins; and grandmother, Bertha Watkins Ballard. Could George be a brother to Pierce and/or E. D.? Willing to share info. on Watkins, Ballard, Spencer, and Flinchum lines. Any info. appreciated.

Mark Ballard

5131 Globe Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45212


e-mail: [email protected]


Seek info. on Poppie Williams, b. 11/22/1899, d. 4/30/1970, dau. of Nancy Grigsby and John Williams, m. 3/20/1920, Taylor Spencer, b. 2/29/1897, d. 12/29/1979, son of Sylvania Vaughn and Bill Spencer. Any info. appreciated.

Sandra Kay Spencer

260 Landmark Court Apt. 3

Carrollton, KY 41008

Vanoy/Vannoy/Van Noy

Seek info. on my g. g. grandfather, Andrew Vannoy, b. 1806, Mercer or Fleming Co., Ky., d. 11/7/1870, Ind., m. Rebecca Wallace Hooke. Who were his parents? Any info. appreciated.

Nancy L. Crist

1583 Old 31 South

Franklin, IN 46131


Seek info. on Virginia and Shermon Ratliff, Floyd County, Ky., children: Phil and Veronica. Also, info. on Edith Farris Money, Paris, Ky., children: Georgie, Barbara, and James. Any info. appreciated.

Nancy Margaret Craft

3018 Estes Court

Mt. Sterling, KY 40353


Seek info. on Mary (Polly) Bailey, possible dau. of John Bailey, m. George Washington Jackson, Floyd Co., Ky., ca. 1846, lived in Wayne Co., Va. or W. Va. Any info. appreciated.

Helen Della Volpe

RR 2 Box 51

Millbrook, NY 12545

e-mail: [email protected]


Seek info. on my grandmother, Ruth Engle Shepherd, b. ca. 1855, near Perry Co., Ky., d. 1923, buried Brack Wilson Cemetery, Bar Creek, Clay Co., Ky., sister to John Engle, m. Elisha Shepherd, ca. 1870. John had Harrison, Bige, and Fred. Any info. appreciated.

Bill Shepherd

9338 Evergreen Drive

Florence, KY 41042

e-mail: [email protected]


Seek info. on my g. grandfather, Jonathon B. Dawson, b. 1810, Va., d. 1889, Clark Co., Ky., m. 1837, Susannah Pigg. Any info. appreciated.

Owen Dawson

5375 Peacock Drive

Holiday, FL 34690

e-mail: [email protected]


Seek info. on descendants of Amanda Hayes Lawson, b. 4/15/1868, near Big Woods, Ky., m. John Lawson, 1888, Hazel Green, Ky. Any info. appreciated.

Wanda Miller

2009 Tullis Drive

Middletown, OH 45042


Seek info. on Asenath Odel Ramsey, b. 6/2/1809, Ohio, m. Michael W. Ramsey, moved to Des Moines Co., Iowa, children: Ann, Margaret, John D., George Washington, Upton S., Hester Ann, Thomas, Jesse, Amos S., William, Olive, and an infant son. Any info. appreciated. Will share info.

Debbie Koch

P. O. Box 151

Dallas City, IL 62330


Seek info. on William Parsley, m. Bethena Caroline Eagle, lived in DeKalb Co., Tenn. Who were Bethena's parents? Any info. appreciated.

Rita C. Parsley

960 Highway Y

O'Fallon, MO 63366


Seek info. on my g. grandparents, James F. Maggard, b. 3/3/1850, d. 2/17/1894, son of James Maggard and Abigail Boggs, and Elizabeth Bohannon, b. 4/24/1857, dau. of Hadley Bohannon and Caroline Bagwell, Letcher Co., Ky., children: Martha, b. 10/2/1878; John, b. 2/18/1880; Sarah Frances, b. 8/25/1883, my grandmother; and Susan, b. ca. 1885. Any info. appreciated.

Beverly Hall McDonald

420 Tiffin Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63135

e-mail: [email protected]


Seek info. on Patricia Ann Beatty, Beattyville, Ky., m. Daniel Newton Minton, Chattanooga, Tenn.; and sister, Emily Beatty Hoskins, Beattyville, Ky. Also, seek info. on the town of Beattyville. Any info. appreciated.

Gene Minton

P. O. Box 13

Modoc, SC 29838


Seek info. on following: the Hagan/Hagins families, Jackson, Ky.; the Higgins families, Magoffin, Morgan, and Floyd Cos. These names are also in Knott and Letcher Cos.; and the Crawford families, Lee and Breathitt Cos., Ky. Any info. appreciated.

Thelma D. Coleman

3609 Dell Street

Erlanger, KY 41018-2147


Seek info. on my husband's g. grandparents, Elijah Groves and Minerva Williams Groves, b. ca. 1860, Fleming Co., Ky. Who were their parents? Also, info. on Levi Spencer and Ann Johnson Spencer, b. ca. 1860, Montgomery Co., Ky., had Edward, Dora, Martha, Mildred, and Pearl. Any info. appreciated.

Ann Crouch

611 Stanley Street

Middletown, OH 45044


My g. grandfather, Minatree Turner, m. Sarah Robbins and Deborah McQueen, was the son of John C. Turner, m. Sarah Mary Pennington and Jaily Parker Truett, Pond Creek, Jackson Co., Ky., enlisted in 1861, serving in Union Army, released in 1866. My grandfather, Robert Lee Turner, m. Margaret Truett, d. 1901. My father, Levi Turner, m. Mae Langdon, was raised by Minatree. Who were John C. Turner's parents and grandparents? Any info. appreciated.

Wm. Arthur Turner

2704 First Street

Rainbow City, AL 35906



Seek info. on children of Callie and Lewis Haney. Any info. appreciated.

Mary Jo Sumner

P. O. Box 314

Vicco, KY 41773


Seek info. and photos on following names: Bradley, Ritchie, Thomas, Stacy, Payne, Shepherd, and Wierman. Any help appreciated.

Mitchell Bradley

208 Holly Avenue #7

South San Francisco, CA 94080


Seek info. on my g. grandfather, Charles Walker, b. 10/22/1892, Dycusburg, Ky., brother to Johnny and Lulu, possibly a brother of Elvert. Lulu, m. ? Peek. Any info. appreciated.

Jackie Grimes

710 Travis Street

Marion, KY 42064


Seek info. on James H. Bassett, Margaret Ellen Wylie, Spencer Bassett, Phoebe Lebo, Harvey Wylie, and Ruth Ann Champ (dau. of William Champ and Susannah Daugherty), Paint Lick, Ky. Any info. or photos appreciated.

Lorena Purcell

1313 Jolly Street

Borger, TX 79007


Seek researchers of the Todds, who settled around Buck Creek, Pulaski Co., Ky., ca. 1811. William and Elizabeth Todd settled there then, had issue: William, Richard, Anderson, Thomas, Henry, Andrew, and possibly Robert. Any info. appreciated. Will share info.

Timothy W. Todd

304 Forrest Drive

Lawrenceburg, KY 40342

e-mail: [email protected]


Seek info. on my grandparents, Charlie Gasparac and Peggy Whitely Gasparac, dau. of Tom Whitely, Hungary or Germany, settled in Salyersville, Ky., on Gose Branch, had Tracy, my mother. Any info. appreciated.

Connie Dore

730 Byrd Avenue

Winchester, KY 40391


Seek info. on Shelly/Shelley families, Whitley Co., Ky., specifically Paint and Jellico Creek areas. Nathan Shelly, Sr., b. Tenn., 1790, son of Jeremiah Shelly and Mary "Polly" Meadors, moved to Whitley Co. Also, info. on coal mining companies in Whitley Co. My grandfather, John Shelly, worked in one during the early-mid 1900s. Any info. appreciated.

Sherry Hoffman

13 Eastern Avenue

Elsmere, KY 41018


Seek info. on Brack Center, son of Stephen Centers, b. 1919, d. 1968 in mining accident, buried in Centers Cemetery, Pinetop, Ky. Need info. about accident. Any info. appreciated.

Jane Goodpaster

RR 1 Box 231

West Liberty, KY 41472


Seek info. on my grandmother, Sarah Jane Robinson, b. 3/29/1872, m. Wm. Zion Shoemaker, b. 3/22/1868. Who were her parents? When did Sarah and Wm. marry? Any info. appreciated.

Ethel Herkert

281 Sorrento Court

Punta Gorda, FL 33950


Seek info. on my g. g. grandfather, Bazil Baker, m. 1st, Betsy Shipley, had seven children; m. 2nd, Lucy Ann Johnson, had 11 children, he d. 1/6/1887. Where is he buried? Any info. appreciated.

Marion E. Scofield

2540 Ridgemar Boulevard # 39

Fort Worth, TX 76116


Seek info. on my g. grandparents, Wister and Martha (Mary) Butler, Scott County, ca. mid-1800s. Any info. appreciated.

Marvin F. Jones

1883 Bellefonte Drive

Lexington, KY 40503

e-mail: [email protected]


Seek info. on following names: Redford, Dunlin, Smith, Figg, and Novell, Coffee. Thomas John Smith, b. ca. 1847, m. Cornelia Redford. Cornelia m. 2nd, James Hite; William R. Redford, b. 1815, Ky., m. 1840, Martha Dunlin, d. and buried in Carlisle Co., Ky. Who were William's parents?; William Dunlin, b. ca. 1798, m. Maria Figg, b. 1798. Who were their parents? Where are they buried?; and Jason J. Novell, b. ca. 1840, m. Ella Coffee. Where were they from? What happened to them? Any info. appreciated.

Lillian Tilton Thomas

211 E. Schaumburg Road

Streamwood, IL 60107


Seek info. on descendants of Harrison Powell, brother to Laura Green Powell, my g. grandmother, b. 10/11/1850, d. 3/1/1888, m. William Dudley Patrick. Who were their parents? Any info. appreciated.

Connie Waldrop

800 Holy Cross Road

Deming, NM 88030


Seek info. on Joseph Hicks, b. 1875, and Sarah Eldridge, b. 1876, Olive Hill, Carter Co., Ky., children: Bob; Jesse; Mary Hicks Carpenter; Emma Hicks Tolliver; and May Hicks Hale. Also, seek info. on Schinthia Baily, wife of Wallace Kelly, b. 1858, Johnson, Floyd, or Lawrence Cos., Ky. Any Eldridge info. helpful, too. Any info. appreciated.

John Tolliver

2800 Newlon Road

Malta, OH 43758


Seek info. on Charles Cobb, son of William Cobb, had Minnie Cobb Boley. Any info. appreciated.

Mildred Cobb

107 Garrett Road

Glen Burnie, MD 21060


Seek info. on Freddie and Florena Snowden, Lee Co., Ky. Freddie may have used the name of Odinsky. Any info. appreciated.

Frank B. Snowden

7519 Northam Drive

Centerville, OH 45458


Seek info. on any ancestors, living or dead, of Thomas A. Markham, b. 10/4/1872, d. 6/8/1952; and Jennie B. Stratton Markham, b. 10/28/1879, d. 5/26/1967. They are my g. grandparents. Any info. appreciated.

Pamela Markham

103 W. Ruth Drive

Elkton, KY 42220


Seek info. on John Land, came from Va., to Madison Co., Ky., 1788. my g. uncle was Richard Jackson Land; My grandfather, Thomas or Tom Land, d. 1935. Any info. appreciated.

Dale Land

210 W. Locust Street

Richmond, KY 40475


Seek info. on Minor Butler, b. 1821, Ky., came to Ill., had, Varderson, b. 1848, d. 1878, m. Canadace Gentle, 1850 - 1880. Any info. appreciated.

Harry Parkhill

602 S. Central Street

Gilman, IL 60938


Seek info. my grandmother, Ida McLurg, Vanceburg, Ky., had my father, Ernest Clifford, d. 1967, Huntington, W. Va., living with Tom Carroll and Ann Bell Wagoner. Any info. appreciated.

Garnett Jewell Collins

103 S. Hill Street

Grayson, KY 41143


Seek info. on my g. grandfather, Sherman Terry, b. ca. 1873, Floyd Co., son of William and Annie Terry, m. 6/17/1899, Wise Co., Va., Martha Ida Morris, lived at Straight Creek, Bell Co., Ky., had Alfred, Nora, and Viola. Sherman was last known to be in Middlesboro, Ky. Any info. appreciated.

Susan Dahlo

593 Fairway Drive

North Vancouver, BC V7G1Z5


Seek info. on Sherrard Overstreet or Patsy Overstreet Holland, had William, m. Sally Still; Green V., m. Asbell; James; and another son, Lee Co., Va., lived in various Ky. counties. Any info. appreciated.

Evelyn Joplin

819 E. Chickasaw Avenue

Sallisaw, OH 74955


Seek info. on Edward Willard Williamson, b. ca. 1885, Larue Co., Ky. Any info. appreciated.

Eleanor Fowler

2110 Dixdale Avenue

Louisville, KY 40210


Seek info. on Sarah Frances Burdette, wife of Burr Harrison, b. 12/28/1637, Strafford Co., Va. Also, seek maiden name of Anne Harrison, wife of Thomas Harrison and widow of John Quarles. Any info. appreciated.

Annie M. Adams

809 Peachtree Street

Athens, AL 35611


Seek info. on my grandfather, Simon/Simone Brackett, Bell Co., Ky.; my g. grandfather, Thomas Brackett; and Lula Alice Dearner Brackett, dau. of John Dearner and Lucy Moore Dearner. My parents were Hallie Mae Brackett Huffman and William Fulton Huffman. Any info. appreciated.

Norma Huffman Van Meter

12622 E. State Road 160

Pekin, IN 47165


Seek info. on my g. aunt, Mary Baily, m. Ben Vanderpool, Magoffin Co., moved to South Portsmouth, Ohio, d. 3/1943. Also, the following that lived with Mary: Clement Pigg, had Francis, m. a Sexton; and Sid and Albert Bailey. Any info. appreciated.

Barbara Barnes Moore

P. O. Box 141

Elkin, NC 28621

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