Genealogy From The Long Ago
Editor's Note: Some months ago we came across an interesting collection of old clippings dealing with Kentucky family history. Since these clippings are about 100 years old, your editor feels they will be of interest to many of our readers. We will continue this column each month until the supply is gone.


Sir Arthur Bainbridge, of Durham, England, was the founder of the Bainbridge family in America. His son was John Bainbridge, first or presiding judge of Burlington County, New Jersey. His son was John Bainbridge, who had Edmund Bainbridge, who had John Bainbridge, who had Dr. Absalom Bainbridge (first cousin of Commodore William Bainbridge, U. S. N.), of Fredericksburg, Virginia, who married Juliet Eliza ( or Elizabeth) Taylor, second child and oldest daughter of John Taylor, Senior (a brother of the father of Gen. Zach Taylor), of Frederick County, Virginia, Major of Col. Moses Hazen's regiment, Continental troops, and Judge Advocate Continental troops, colony of Virginia, Revolutionary War, and his wife, Mary Magruder, of Winchester, Virginia.

The children of John Taylor, Sr., and his wife, Mary Magruder, were:

1. Septimus Taylor.

2. Juliet Eliza (or Elizabeth) Taylor.

3. John Taylor.

4. Mary Taylor.

(1) Septimus Taylor married Mary McMahon and had two daughters: Mary Taylor, who married John January, of Maysville, Kentucky; and Priscilla Taylor, who married William K. Wall, of Cynthiana, Kentucky. The daughter of the latter married Dr. Abram Addams, also of the last named city, and had two sons and six daughters.

(2) Juliet Eliza (or Elizabeth) Taylor married Dr. Absalom Bainbridge (my maternal great-grandfather), of Fredericksburg, Virginia, who at the beginning of this century moved to Louisville, Kentucky, and subsequently died there. Their children were:

1. Edmund Taylor Bainbridge.

2. John Washington Bainbridge.

3. Mary Harriet Bainbridge.

4. Arminta Bainbridge.

5. Mortimer Bainbridge.

6. William Phillip Bainbridge.

7. Juliet Eliza Bainbridge.

(4) Mary Taylor, fourth child of John Taylor, Sr., married Mr. Blanton. Their only child was Wm. L. Blanton, a lieutenant in the U. S. A., and died before the war 1861-5.

I have a copy of John Taylor, Sr.'s will, dated "in the county of Frederick, state of Virginia, January 26, 1798." Dr. Absalom Bainbridge, the father of Mrs. Vallandingham, of Georgetown, Kentucky, as stated in your No. 766, of late issue, was the son of Edmund Bainbridge, a brother of Dr. Absalom Bainbridge, who married Juliet Eliza Taylor, of Frederick County, Virginia, above mentioned.


John Strode, Sr., the founder of Strode's Station, in Kentucky, was born in Virginia January 11, 1786. His wife, Mary, was born in Virginia, February 22, 1734. They had 12 children, viz.: Elizabeth, Edward, Eleanor, James, Mary, John, Nancy, Susanna, Jeremiah, Letitia, Stephen, and Waller. Their son, John Strode, Jr. (sixth child), was born September 25, 1768, and died August 2, 1832. His wife, Ruth Strode, was born March 24, 1770, and died August 21, 1845. They had 15 children, viz.: John, James, Mary, Jeremiah, Sally, Abigail, Stephen, Letitia, Nelson, Ann, Edward, Elizabeth, Constant, Martha, and William. Of these Nelson (seventh) was born October 13, 1815, and died July 30, 1895. His wife, Elvira, was born February 5, 1819, and died November 12, 1844, and bore him W. L., Dr. J. S., Elizabeth A., and James Strode. Susanna, daughter of John Strode, Sr., and his wife, Mary, married _____ Magowan. Nancy Strode, daughter of John Strode, Sr., and his wife, Mary, married Abijah Brooks, and died July 1855, in her 86th year. Their children were: Abijah; Samuel; Dr. John S.; Nellie, married _____ Lafferty; Mary, married ______ Duncan; Nancy, married John Breckinridge; Elizabeth, married John Ecton; Robert, married _____ Young; Van, married _____ Young; and Abbie Hastings, married David Hopkins, in Clark County, Kentucky, in 1828, and bore him one child, Annie E. Hopkins, was born 1830, and married in 1847 to Talton C. Laughlin, who, dying young, left her with four children, viz.: Judge Henry L. Laughlin, of Chicago; Nannie, now Mrs. Dr. Neely; and Julian and Talton Laughlin, of St. Louis. Samuel Brooks, second son of Abijah and Nancy Strode Brooks, married Mary Goss, who had Sally, married Matthew Stone; John G., married (1) Margaret Kenney, and (2) Elizabeth Peck; Elizabeth married Joseph Mitchell; James married Annie E. Magowan; Abijah was wounded and died in the Confederate Army; May married Christopher Clay; and Nannie married Buckner Woodford. Samuel Brooks had by his second wife, Eliza Scott Brooks, two children, Joseph and Alice. The latter married Benj. Woodford. Dr. John Strode Brooks, third son of Nancy Strode and Abijah Brooks, married Mary Kerr, and had Annie E., married James H. Kerr; Jennie married M. A. Kenny; Addie married Charles Throgmorton; Sally; Fannie married W. S. Morgan, died and left three children, Brooks, Coleman, and Sallie; James A.; and Lillie married A. B. Hudson; and John.


I think it probable that Elizabeth Mosby Bedford was a sister of Littleberry Mosby, Sr. A very little original research at Goochland, C. H., Cumberland C. H. and Powhatan C. H., Virginia, will show Col. Littleberry Mosby (Sr.) made his will January 6, 1809, probated at Powhatan C. H., March 15, 1809, and recorded in Will Book No. 3, page 292, and mentions in it his son, Jacob Mosby, deceased. Col. Mosby was married three times and was the father of 14 children: Benjamin; John; Littleberry, Jr.; Sally, married William Cannon, of "Mt. Ida," Buckingham County, my ancestors; Mary, married Hughes; Betsy; Wade; Richard; Betty Ann; Martha; Judith; Benjamin (second); Narcissa; and Jacob Michaux. Col. Mosby married three times: First, to Elizabeth Netherland, August 1748, (see Goochland marriage license), and the children inclusive of Richard are of that marriage; second, Judith Michaux, of the well-known Huguenot family who yet live at Michaux P. O., Powhatan County; and third, Mrs. Martha Scott Thomas. The list of children is from Goode's "Virginia Cousins," title "Mosby," page 220. Col. Mosby had brothers and sisters set out in will of his father, Benjamin (1774).

Cave Johnson

I quote from a letter of Cave Johnson, P. M. G., under Polk, to his three sons, J. Hickman, Thomas Dickson, and Polk Grundy: "Thomas Johnson, father of Cave Johnson, married Mary Noel, the daughter of Mary Noel, whose husband was killed during the Revolutionary War in Virginia, and was the sister of Col. Cave, who commanded a regiment of militia in Virginia at the Battle of Yorktown. She removed with her kinsman, the Rev. Richard Cave, to Kentucky in 1789, with her daughters, Mary and Rosanna Noel. I do not know the relationship existing between Mary Noel and the Rev. Richard Cave (were probably brother and sister). Mary and her two daughters were active members of his church. He was prominent and influential in the Baptist Church. It is probably that the Johnsons of Kentucky were connected with the family of Richard Cave, though Col. Richard M. Johnson, of Kentucky, and myself were unable to trace the relationship satisfactorily. Richard M. Johnson was given the name Richard after Richard Cave, whilst my mother gave me the name Cave after her much-beloved and venerated pastor. Col. Cave Johnson, of Burlington, Kentucky, uncle of Richard M., was named also for this minister. Col. R. M. Johnson and myself came to the conclusion that we were related on both the paternal and maternal branches and both connected with the Bledsoes, Hyatts, and Smitheys through the maternal branches of both of our families."

This is taken from the letter of Cave Johnson, P. M. G. I am the oldest grandson of Cave Johnson.


The following history was written by the late Rev. Dr. Thomas Pritchard, of Charlotte, North Carolina: The father of Eliz. Williams, John Williams of Wales, settled in Hanover County, Virginia. He had four sons and two daughters. One married a Graves and the other John Daniel, of Virginia. Mrs. Graves had four sons: Henry, William, John, and Elijah. Her daughters married John Christmas, Joshua Coffee, father of Gen. John Coffee, and ____ Barnett. Mrs. Daniel had two sons and two daughters; offspring unknown. Daniel Williams, who married a Lanier, and Daniel, who married his cousin, Nancy Henderson. Henry, son of this Daniel, had a numerous family. John Williams who settled in Granville County, North Carolina, had four sons: John, Charles, Nathaniel, and William. John, who was a judge in 1774 and a member of the Continental Congress in 1778, married the widow Keeling, and had one daughter, who married Col. Robert Burton. William married a Bickham, and had two sons and two daughters. One of the latter married Stephen Snead and the other Col. Hogg. Charles had a numerous family, of which nothing is known. Nathaniel had six daughters, who married Farvar, Hart, Ford, Bowdown, Lowe, and Mormon. The sons were: Joseph, nicknamed "Yadkin;" John, "Tobacco Mouth;" Nathaniel; and Robert. Joseph had two sons, John and Matthew. The latter was a Baptist preacher.