Kentucky Kinfolks
Editor's Note: In the mid-1930s The Louisville Herald-Post conducted a genealogy column featuring materials sent in by its readers. We thought our readers would find the column interesting. We will reprint parts from this column each month. Because they were printed some sixty years ago, we do not have any other facts except those given below. We hope our readers enjoy the new Kentucky Kinfolks column.


Michael Woods, born in Ireland, 1684, died 1762 in Albemarle County, Virginia. He married Mary Campbell and had a son, Archibald, who was in Augusta County, Virginia, in 1745, and who married Isabella ?. Archibald and his wife, Isabella, removed to Fayette County, Kentucky. Their son, James Woods, married Jane McCoun of Mercer County. Archibald Woods, who was one of the trustees of Boonesboro, died in Mercer County in 1838, age 89.


I am a descendant of John Williams of Virginia, county not known, nor the name of his father. However, John Williams moved to Kentucky probably from Loudoun County, Virginia, as his youngest child, Raleigh Williams, was born 1777 in Loudoun County.


James Anderson Pearce, of Virginia, married Ann Clark, youngest sister of Gen. George Rogers Clark. Their son, Edmund Pearce, was born in Jefferson County, Kentucky, and this was always his real home, although for a time he was temporarily located in Hart County, where the settlement of some business matters required his presence.

In the office of the county clerk of Jefferson County, Kentucky, in Marriage License Book 2, page 140, the records shows that a marriage license was issued to Edmund Pearce and Myra Steele, daughter of Richard Steele, on November 11, 1834. They were presumably married that day, although no record of the license appears of record.

Edmund Pearce and Myra Steele Pearce, his wife, had two sons, James Anderson Pearce II, and John Clark Pearce, and a daughter, Amelia Neville Pearce I, who was named for her grandmother, Amelia Neville Steele, wife of Richard Steele and daughter of Gen. Joseph Neville of Moorfield, Virginia. James Anderson Pearce II was a member of Morgan's Command, Confederate Army, and was killed at the battle of Hartsville, Tennessee.

John Clark Pearce died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Snead, on the Newburg Road, a mile south of Louisville, September 8, 1932, lacking just a few weeks of being 92 years old. He was a practical farmer and was the first man to discover by experiment and to publish to the world the feasibility of raising two crops of Irish potatoes a year on the same ground instead of one crop a year as had been the universal custom.

The Jefferson County marriage records in the county clerk's office show that John C. Pearce and Susannah E. Cooper were married August 29, 1876. The latter was a widow at the time, her maiden name being Susannah Eleanor Steele, and was a daughter of Col. Samuel Steele, of Prospect, Kentucky, and his wife, Ann A. Steele. Col. Samuel Steele was a native of Augusta County, Virginia, and was not related to the Richard Steele mentioned above.

John C. Pearce and Susannah E., his wife, had three sons: William Bodley Pearce, who is married and now living in Louisville; John C. Pearce, Jr., who died some years ago, unmarried and without issue; and James Anderson Pearce III, who has never married and is now engaged in farming near Bloomington, Illinois; and two daughters: Myra Steele Pearce, who married Frank F. Snead, and who lived on the Newburg Road; and Amelia Neville Pearce II, who married Noland S. Milton, of Louisville.


Randolph Smallwood was born in Newcastle on Tyne, England, came over with his father, was probably eight or ten years old when Washington was inaugurated the second time as he saw the President ride down a street in Baltimore while sitting on his father's shoulder. Randolph was married to Rachael Ashcraft in Richmond, Kentucky, and their children were: Margaret, James, William, and Elizabeth. James married Caroline Bullock, who was five days younger than Queen Victoria. Caroline's mother was Kitty Abbott, who was born in mid-ocean on board the ship crossing from Scotland.


Mrs. Nancy Mourning died in Anderson County, Kentucky, May 1876. She was born in 1784. She was kin to Mrs. Elizabeth Hubbard Mourning of Taylor County, Kentucky, who was born in 1808 and died July 1908, age 100. What was the name of Mrs. Nancy Mourning's husband and what was the name of Mrs. Elizabeth Mourning's husband? Mrs. Elizabeth Hubbard Mourning had at least two children: Nancy Anderson Mourning and Gilbert Hubbard Mourning. The latter was born about 1838 and came to Louisville as a young man. He died here on July 12, 1924. His wife was Miss Jennie Moore.


Willis Neal Bragg, born in Richmond, Virginia, March 5, 1799, died December 28, 1883, at Bentonsport, Iowa. Was bound out to a Kentucky papermaker when a child and moved to Kentucky. He married Jane Vergin Legg (born in Cincinnati, June 3, 1811). County records show that Willis Neal Bragg was initiated to Royal Arch Masonry at Georgetown, Kentucky, October 5, 1825, and was one of a committee selected to receive Gen. Lafayette when he visited Chillicothe, Ohio. Willis and Jane Legg Bragg had at least one son, William Independence Bragg, and one daughter, Sarah, who married William Gregson and moved to Iowa.


I am a great-grandson of Dr. Robert P. Gist. Dr. Gist was born July 12, 1797, and died December 19, 1842. He was married to Eliza Love on July 31, 1828. He was the son of Col. Thomas Gist, Jr. and his wife, Mary Noland. His grandfather was Thomas Gist, Sr., and his grandmother was Susan Cockey. Thomas Gist, Jr. was commissioned a colonel in the Revolutionary Army at Baltimore, Maryland, February 4, 1777 (Maryland Archives, Vol. 2, page 443).

An article appeared in the "Maryland Historical Magazine" in 1914 entitled "The Gist Family of Baltimore," from which I quote: "Christopher Gist came to Maryland before 1682 and it is recorded that a tract of 245 acres known as South Canton was deeded to him and Richard Cromwell. He married Edith Cromwell and to her and their son, Richard Gist, he willed his estate, February 17, 1690.

"Richard Gist was born in 1684 and died in 1741. He married Zephorah Murray, and left six children: Christopher, Nathaniel, William, Thomas, Edith, and Jemima. The name of Richard Gist appears frequently in the records of Baltimore County, and his death is registered in St. Thomas Church, Baltimore County."