February 2000
 Featured Stories (text only):  
 How Frankfort Was Chosen Our Capital City
 When The Buggy Ruled Kentucky Roads
 Launching of Louisville's "The Belle Lee"
 The Town of Ford, Clark County, Kentucky
 Recruits Prepare For WWII at Fort Knox
 The Sallee Families of Wolfe County
 1834 Journey Through Southeastern Kentucky
 Kentucky Kinfolks (1930s)
 Genealogy From Long Ago (1890s)
 Dr. John J. Dickey's Diary
 Kentucky Genealogy Help Line
 Reunions & Special Announcements
 February 2000 Classified Ads
 I Remember: Stories By Our Readers
 Letters to the Explorer

 Miscellaneous Photographs:
 View Of Van Lear -- A Kentucky Coal Camp, about 1915
 Hillbilly Music: photo 1
 Hillbilly Music: photo 2
 Hillbilly Music: photo 3
 Hillbilly Music: photo 4
 J. Winston Coleman, Kentucky Historian, 1930
 Burt & Brabb Lumber Co., Ford, Bet. 1900-1910
 Harrodsburg High School Band, 1948
 Tent encampment at Fort Knox, late 1930s
 Burial Customs in Appalachia
 Elizabethtown, around 1910
 Loyall Grade School, Harlan County, 1933
 Meat House School, Martin County, 1927
 McDowell High School (1950-51)
 Drift Grade School (1956), Floyd County
 Spaws Creek School, Morgan County, early 1900s
 Tucker School at Pine Grove, Lincoln County, about 1915
 Genealogy Photographs, Photo Inquiries
 Hatfield, date and place unknown
 Salley Families, Wolfe County, various dates and places
 Miller-Mitchell, Ohio County, date and place unknown
 Bingham Family of Corbin, ca. 1915
 Foister-Hoskins, late 1800s/early 1900s, place unknown
 Bowles-Harper, from mid-1800s, place unknown
 Sanders-Butler, date and place unknown
 Kemp Hendricks - Lani Sayers, Glasgow, 1905
 Clarence Sizemore Family, Letcher County, ca. 1935
 The Huffs of Leslie County, 1915
 Simpson/Simpkins or Coots?, date and place unknown
 Deye Family of Northern Kentucky, 1918

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