APRIL 1999


In The Land Of The Three Forks Page 2

Letters To The Kentucky Explorer 4

Was Old Rockcastle County Mill Haunted? 9

The Old-Time Train Butcher 11

When Woodman Was A Large Lumber Center 12

Old-Fashioned Roses In Kentucky 16

Kentuckian Takes 12,000 Sheep West In 1853 17

Boyhood Memories Of Boone County 18

Kentucky Superstitions Of Yesteryear 21

Making Old-Fashioned Butter 22

New History Center Opens This Month 23

A Look At Lewis County's Graham Station 25

When Aunt Maggie's Trip Was Spoiled 28

Early Years Of The Kentucky Derby 29

Civil War Prison Days At Rock Island 32

Old Stagecoach Days In Kentucky 34

General Hanson Fell At Stones River In 1863 36

War Of 1812 Veterans Meet At Paris In 1868 39

Robards Has Interesting History 40

Ludlow Lagoon, An Early Amusement Park 41

Wit And Wisdom 42

Early Perry County Coal Mines 43

A Visit With Austin Gollaher In 1897 45

Centerville, A Settlement Lost To History 49

Kentucky's 1879 State Gazetteer 53

Scenes In And Around Louisville 56

Getting To Jenkins By Bus In 1948 58

The Vanishing Water Tank 60

Wildflowers Of Kentucky Recalled 61

Views Of The Kentucky Military Institute 65

Looking For Parents Of Ramsey Boys 68

A Visit To Beautiful Dale Hollow Lake 71

Old-Time Recipes 74

Word Puzzle--Early Settlers Of Clark County 75

Kentucky Kinfolks 76

Kentucky Genealogy Help Line 78

Historical Sketches Of Kentucky 84

Genealogy From Dr. Dickey's Diary 86

April Events In Kentucky To Enjoy 88

I Remember - By Our Readers 90

Genealogy From The Long Ago 100

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