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Marriage And Deaths Noted In The Kentucky Gazette Of 1819

The Kentucky Genealogist - 1962

The Kentucky Gazette, established by John Bradford in 1787, was published at Lexington, Kentucky. The following notices for the year 1819 were copied from files held in the Filson Club, Louisville, Kentucky.

Friday, January 29, 1819

Died - On Tuesday, the 12th inst., in Springfield, General Matthew Walton.

Married - On Monday evening in Lexington, Mr. Henry Guibert to Miss Susan Abcambal.

In Frankfort on Thursday, the 14th inst., Mr. Daniel Weisiger, Jr., to Miss Mary Castleman; daughter of General Jacob Castleman.

April 2, 1819

Married - On Thursday evening, the 25th, by the Rev. Mr. Ward, Thomas Smith, Esq., editor of the Kentucky Reporter, to Miss Nannette Price of Lexington.
April 16, 1819

Married - On Tuesday evening last, Mr. John Stout of Fayette County, to Miss Elizabeth Birt of Scott County.

At Vienna, New York, on the 2nd, Mr. Daniel Butts of Augusta, age 15, to Miss Elizabeth Matoon, of the former place, age 11. Two brothers, the eldest 18, the other 15, have married mother and daughter; the mother, 35, and the daughter, 11.

May 15, 1819

Obituary - Died on Saturday evening last, Mrs. Eliza Price, consort of Mr. Pugh Price.

Through a tedious and lingering decline, this amiable woman submitted, with calm and placid resignation, evincing that the purity of heart and virtuous and amiable qualities she possessed, were uncontaminated by intercourse with the world; but destined to sustain her in the severe trial she was about to undergo.

She has descended to the grave, the blossom, but a few hours since, decorated and adorned the circle in which it grew; whose fragrance imparted to all around it the pleasure and delights of its existence, now robbed of its charms, excites the keenest sensations of regret that excellence like this was doomed to decay. In her, the bereaved parents have to lament an affectionate daughter; the husband, a tender and amiable companion; and in the circle of friends, in which she once moved there is left a blank, which will never be filled by one more endearing or more truly sincere.

Married - On Thursday evening, the 7th inst., Mr. Walker Anders of Lexington to Miss Louisa Flournoy; daughter of M. Flournoy, Esq.

On the same evening, Mr. James Wyatt to Miss Sally Stevenson, both of Fayette County.

Died - On the 13th inst., Captain Robert Megowan. His remains were interred with military honors.

May 29, 1819

Died - On 25th inst., Mrs. Louisa Bain, late consort of Mr. William Bain, after a long and distressing illness, which she bore with patience and fortitude; resigning her soul, with Christian hope, into the hands of her Saviour and her God. Also, died on the 20th, inst., Mr. Julian Misner, age 51, and Mr. William Carson.

June 11, 1819

Married - In Fayette County, on Wednesday evening the 2nd, inst., Daniel Breck, Esq., of Richmond, Kentucky, to Miss Jane B. Todd of Fayette County.

On Thursday evening the 3rd inst., Mr. Samuel Thompson, merchant of Lexington, to Miss Margaret P. Worley.

In Logan County, Mr. John Gorin to Miss Eliza Wilson. Mr. Burgess Gilbert to Miss Louisa Turner.

In Shelbyville, Mr. David M'Ilvain to Miss Susan Allen.

Died - At his residence in Mercer County, on Salt River, on May 28, 1819, Col. George McAfee, in the 42nd year of his age, after a painful illness of about four weeks.

In Woodford County, on Sunday last, Miss Agathy Madison, daughter of the late Gov. Madison.

June 25, 1819

Died - In Lexington, on Monday evening last, Mr. Thomas Royal, age about 60 years.

In Paris, Kentucky, on Monday the 14th inst., Nathanial Taylor, a youth of about 15 years of age; the son of Capt. Jonathan Taylor of the Saline. He was a student at the Transylvania University.

July 2, 1819

Married - At Utica, New York, on Sunday the 30th of May last, Mr. Stephen P. Norton, bookbinder of Lexington, to Miss Elizabeth Coon of the former place.

Died - In Lexington, yesterday at a very advanced age, Mr. John Maxwell, a very respectable citizen, and one of the first settlers of Kentucky.

July 16, 1819

Married - In Woodford County, on Thursday evening, the 6th inst., by Dr. Blythe, Randolph Railey, Jr., cashier of the Bank of Versailles, to Miss Caroline Crittenden.

In Frankfort, Capt. Henry Wingate to Miss Penelope Anderson.

Died - At Louisville, on the 26th of June, Minor Sturgus, attorney at law.

In New Albany, on Thursday 1st inst., in the 41st year of her age, Mrs. Sally Woodruff, consort of Seth Woodruff, Esq.

At Eddyville, Kentucky, June 23rd, of a pulmonary complaint (contracted on the Canadian frontiers), Dr. Henry Skinner, a surgeon in the Army of the United States, in the 34th year of his age.

At his late residence in Christian County, on the 30th of June, Mr. Francis Buckner, in the 62nd year of his age, of a short, but painful illness.

Friday, July 23, 1819

Married - At the post of Arkansas, in May last, Lieut. William P. S. Blair to Miss Hannah W. Craig.

July 30, 1819

Married - On Tuesday, the 27th, by the Rev. A. Dudly, Doctor Henry E. Innes to Miss Nancy Webb. All of Fayette County.

August 6, 1819

Died - On Saturday morning last, in Lexington, of a lingering and painful illness, Mrs. Rebecca Bradford, age 42 years. Mrs. Bradford was the widow of Benj. J. Bradford, dec'd, formerly editor of the Frankfort Journal, printed at Frankfort, Kentucky; the Tennessee Gazette; and the Examiner, published in Nashville.

August 13, 1819

Died - In Lexington, on Friday last, Mr. Thomas Whitney, an old resident and a worthy citizen.

Communicated - Died, in Lexington, on Thursday, the 12th inst., Mr. Richard Marsh, long a worthy resident of Lexington. If candor, integrity, truth, and justice toward his fellow man, constitute a good man and a worthy citizen, there are non could be more entitled to the appellation; for as such, with truth, he may justly be one of the noblest works of God, an honest man!

September 3, 1819

Married - At Franklin, on the 17th inst., Mr. Henry Van Pelt, editor of the Franklin Monitor, to Miss Ann Smith; daughter of Wm. Smith, Esq., of Franklin.

September 17, 1819

Died - In Lexington, on the 11th inst., Mr. Nathaniel Gist, after a lingering and painful illness.

In Fayette County, on the 14th inst., Mr. Samuel Caldwell, who has left a small, though a disconsolate family to deplore his untimely death.

Suddenly, in Lexington, on the 7th inst., Mr. Jacob Johnson of Philadelphia, and for many years a respectable bookseller. He was a worthy citizen.

In Louisville, on the 1st inst., after a painful illness, Doctor William M. Hughes, Chairman of the Louisville Medical Society.

September 24, 1819

Married - On Sunday morning, at the Episcopal Church, in Lexington, Mr. John H. Hanna of Frankfort to Miss Mary S. Hunt; eldest daughter of John W. Hunt, Esq.

On the same evening, Mr. Joseph Bruen to Miss Margeretta Parker, both of Lexington.

In Lexington, on Wednesday evening, by the Rev. Dr. Cloud, Mr. James Armstrong, editor of the Kentucky Advertiser, at Winchester, to Miss Jane Price Ridgely; daughter of the Rev. John Price.

On the 16th inst., Mr. Thos. J. Hamilton to Miss Martha Sanderson, both of Fayette County.

October 8, 1819

Neither marriages nor deaths were reported.

October 16, 1819

Married - In Lexington, Mr. William G. Warham of Charleston, South Carolina to Mrs. Sarah P. Hunt.

In Jefferson County, Amos Kendall, Esq., editor of the Argus, to Miss Mary B. Woolfolk.

October 15, 1819

Married - In Fayette County, on Tuesday evening last, by the Rev. Robert Cloud, Dr. Elijah F. Roman to Miss Hannah E. Patterson; daughter of Mr. James Patterson, all of Fayette County.

On Thursday, the 7th inst., by the Rev. James Fishback, Mr. Purnel Bishop to Miss Nancy Stone; daughter of Wm. Stone, Esq., all of Fayette County.

In Fayette County, on the same evening, Mr. Chester B. Powell, merchant of New Orleans, to Miss Mary Ann Tompkins.

Near Louisville, George Hancock, Jr., Esq., of Bottetourt County, Virginia, to Miss Eliza Croghan; daughter of Maj. Wm. Croghan of Jefferson County, Kentucky.

In Boone County, Mr. J. C. S. Harrison to Miss Clarissa B. Pike; daughter of the late Gen. Pike.

In Ohio, David K. Este to Miss Lucy S. Harrison; daughter of General Harrison.

October 22, 1819

Married - Last week in Flemingsburg, Mr. Robert Tilford of Lexington to Miss Mary Ann Dougherty; daughter of Thomas Dougherty, Esq., of Washington City.

At the same time and place, Mr. Levin L. Shreve of Lexington to Miss Hannah D. Andrews; daughter of Capt. John Andrews.

At Washington City, on the 7th inst., Mr. Isaac Clarke, age 67, to Mrs. Ann Goddard, age 65. This couple, we are informed, were affianced to each other 45 years ago; the engagement, however, was broken off, and each party married differently. In due course of time, the son of the one intermarried with the daughter of the other. It having pleased Providence to take from them their respective partners, the two lovers in youth, now friends in age, have joined their fortunes in matrimony. It is worth remark that the married couple, before mentioned, the children of the bride and bridegroom, were present and witnessed the union of their parents with real satisfaction.

October 29, 1819

Married - On Tuesday evening last, by the Rev. Dr. Blythe, Mr. _____ Cox to Miss Elizabeth McCormick of Lexington.

Other issues of The Kentucky Gazette found in the file at the Filson Club did not contain marriage and/or death notices, insofar as the editor believes.