School Photographs:

"Beaumont College"

Beaumont College, now the Beaumont Inn, Harrodsburg, Kentucky, ca. 1912-14: Front row, l-r, Leonard Edelen, Will Goddard, William Smock, LaRue Edelen, Calvin Shewmaker, Franklin Edelen, George Morgan, Mary Goddard, Nancy Smock, Mary Evelyn Prewitt, Marta Tewmey, Alice Cossell, and Ana Meredith Morgan; middle row, Cecil Dalton, Amelia Chapline, Annetta Colemen, William Tewmey, T. C. Coleman, Edward Phillips, ____ Mitchell, William Veatch, ___ Mitchell, and Reed Goddard; Back row, l-r, Carolyn Grimes, Mary Tewmey, Holdon Grimes, Hazel Minor, Newell VanArdale, Mattie Miller Allen, Grace Phillips, Mary Smock, and Hazel Geffinger. The last graduating class was the Class of 1914. Photo shared by Mrs. D. W. Schafer, Box 665, Orange, VA 22960.

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