General Photographs:

"Early Postcard Views"

The Third Regiment Band entertains the people of Hartford (Ohio County), Kentucky, about 1910.

Waiting on the train at the L. and N. Depot in downtown Harlan, Kentucky, about 60 years ago.

The citizens of Mt. Sterling were, no doubt, proud of their Engine House and Fire Department when this photo was made about 1910.

An Ohio River scene along the river front at Covington about 1910.

A large factory, the General Refractories Company, which produced bricks, is shown some 80 years ago at Olive Hill in Carter County.

Birds-eye view of Calhoun, the county seat of McLean County, about 1912.

A rare scene showing the arrival of the state troops at Murray, Kentucky, during April of 1908. The troops were called in to help control the problem with the Night Riders of that area.

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