Francis Marion and Louisa Arnett Patrick Family, ca. 1900

Charles Patrick, 5512 Azalea Lane, Louisville, KY 40258, shares this photo of the family of Francis Marion and Louisa Arnett Patrick, of Magoffin County, Kentucky, taken at the turn of the century. Front row, l-r: Francis Marion (1842-1914), Louisa Arnett (1847-1916), Menifee F. (1867-1950), Asbury B. (1869-1922), Lee (born 1872), and Sola (1871-1949). Back row, l-r: Daisey (1889-1929), Causby (1874-1960), Minerva (1875-1938), Jack T. (1877-1941), Thomas H. (1880-1943), Serena "Rennie" (dates unknown), Samuel J. (1882-1952), and Lilly (1887-1948). Francis Marion "Tank" Patrick was a veteran of the Civil War, Union side. He earned the nickname, "Fighting Jack," while in the war. He was the son of Jack and Elizabeth (Montgomery) Patrick, and is buried at the forks of Gun Creek. Louisa (Arnett) "Tad" Patrick was the daughter of Reuben and Elizabeth (Salisbury) Arnett.