Kentucky's 1879 State Gazetteer
A Look At Towns & Establishments 121 Years Ago

Editor's Note: In 1879 a state gazetteer was published for the entire state of Kentucky. The book included a description of most every community from the smallest to the largest. Agents for the book must have traveled to all parts of Kentucky collecting names and advertisements. The book does not contain any photographs. (Just think of the scenes they could have photographed!) Most every month The Kentucky Explorer reprints portions of this very interesting book. Different communities, some now extinct, are featured just as they appeared in the 1879 Kentucky State Gazetteer.

On Green River in the western part of Daviess County, 17 miles west of Owensboro, its nearest shipping point, on the P. & E. R. R.; and 200 miles southwest of Louisville. Semi-weekly stage to Owensboro and Henderson. Semi-weekly mail. Population, 300. L. S. Bamberger, postmaster.

Business Directory
Bethel James, undertaking.
Boyd J Q, druggist.
Cook Fred, shoemaker.
Kerr, Hugh, & Co, tobacco manfrs.
Letter J L, tanner.
Oldham J D, ferryman.
Rothchild & Co, general store.
Schwiketh H, grocer.
Smith J W, blacksmith.
Spey C A, tobacco commission.
Thompson R A, livery stable.
Watkins C C, supt tobacco works.
Welden J M, saloon.

Known as Charleston, in the southwestern part of Hopkins County, 14 miles south of Madisonville, the county seat; four and one-fourth miles northeast of Tradewater, its nearest shipping point, on the P. & E. R. R.; and 169 miles southwest of Louisville. Mail, special supply. Population, 125. F. D. Lewis, postmaster.

Business Directory
Caraway & Meadows, flouring mill.
Darby A G, physician.
Fox P, general store.
Lamb P B, farmer.
Leary John O, express agt.
Lewis F D, druggist and physician.
McCarley Wm, druggist
McGregor B, general store.
Martin Rev J, Presbyterian.
Richardson Rev ____, Methodist.
Wilson Rev ___, Baptist.

Batchelor's Rest
This is a village of 100 population, in Pendleton County, six miles from its shipping station, Falmouth, on the K. C. R. R.; and 120 miles from Louisville. Here are a grist and saw mill, two churches, and one school. Daily mail. Sabin Mains, postmaster.

Business Directory
Browning R H, saw and grist mill.
Browning Thomas, livery.
Clayton Rev J C.
Galloway Bros, flour mill.
Hunter L F, blacksmith.
King R J, lawyer.
Mains James, blacksmith
Mains Sabin, cooper.
Mains N D C, general store.
Palmer James, wagonmaker.
Rigg C, physician.
Shields John W, carpenter.
Wood A A, hotel.
Wood John W, carpenter.
Wyatt A T, livestock.

In the northern part of Nelson County, ten miles north of Bardstown, the county seat; 12 miles northeast of Samuels' Depot, its nearest shipping point on the Bardstown branch of the L. & G. S. R. R.; and 32 miles southeast of Louisville. Sunny Hill Academy is located here. Daily mail and stage to Samuels' Depot, and tri-weekly stage to Louisville. James Shanley, postmaster.

Business Directory
Blandford Abner, wagonmaker.
Bowlds Francis, blacksmith.
Calahan Rev E O, Catholic.

Constantine Richard, undertaker.
Doran Ennis, tailor.
McKenna Henry, miller and distiller.
Monks J F, hotel.
Nelson John, blacksmith.
Shanley James, boots and shoes.
Simpson John, carpenter.
Simpson Pitt, dry goods.
Stallard & Merrifield, general store.
Wells Harrison, physician.

South Covington
A station on the L., C. & L. R. R., and K. C. R. R., and village of 500 inhabitants, on the Licking River, in Kenton County, two miles from Covington, of which it is a suburb; and 105 miles from Louisville. It contains two churches, Episcopal and Methodist; and a district school. Principal shipment, coal. Western Union Telegraph. Stage to Independence and Covington. Daily mail. John Moss, postmaster.

Business Directory
Blick & Phillips, coal dealers.
Felten M, carpenter.
Gehring Herman, druggist.
Haaka Frank, hotel propr.
Hunter H, railroad agt.
Kalin Joseph, hotel propr.
Leucht Lewis, grocer.
Mills & Co, distillers.
Moss John, hotel propr.
Park Godfrey F, justice of the peace.
Rothert Frank, saloon.
Sebastian Frank, grocer.
Waite Paul, physician.
Wise James L, physician.
Wurmstich Albert, blacksmith.
Zolar John, blacksmith.

Union Star
A village of 125 inhabitants, located in Breckinridge County, 12 miles from Hardinsburg, the county seat; and 55 miles from Louisville. Ship to Stephensport (four miles), by water, or by rail to Muldraugh, on the L., P. & S. W. R. R., 30 miles distant. Its exports are tobacco and country produce. Daily mail. D. S. Richardson, postmaster.

Business Directory
Barger Andrew, grocer.
Cashman Joseph, cooper.
Cashman R T, cooper.
Helm L B, leaf tobacco.
Millner Wm, physician.
Richardson D S & Co, general store.
Ricketts R G, carpenter.
Roberts, Freymire & Co, general store.
Shellman E H, blacksmith.

West Liberty
The county seat of Morgan, 35 miles east of Cornwell, its nearest station, on the Mt. Sterling division of the L., C. & L. R. R.; and 177 miles east of Louisville. Daily mail. Population, 200. J. H. Cole, postmaster.

Business Directory
Carter & Lane, physicians.
Casky Wm, blacksmith.
Cole J H, general groceries and hotel.
Cooper J & E, lawyers.
Hazelrigg & Henry, lawyers.
Kendall J W, lawyer.
Kendall W C, hotel.
Kendall W M, general store.
Kendall W M & W C, grocers.
Phillips G W, blacksmith.
Ward Wm, hotel.
Thornley & Waldeck, physicians.
Turner H C, general store.
Wamack M T & Co, general store.
Whitcom Manker & Co, flour mill.
Williams John T, flour mill.

This country post office is in Bell County, and it has been recently established.

Business Directory
Blain & Kennedy, saloon.
Brandon J N, physician.
Brandon R W, physician.
Bond Thomas, tobacco.
Bond & Blair, livestock.
Bond & Simpson, tobacco.
Daniell R J, tobacco.
Eskridge J N, justice.
Evans & Kefauver, general store.
Fuller A, wagonmaker.
Gary Scott, saloon.
Laymon H, general store.
Romans V B, livestock.
Tilford & Scaggs, wagonmakers.
Wilson Bros, general store.