Centers Family, Montgomery County

Janet Spencer, 2984 Northridge Drive, Mt. Sterling, KY 40353, shares this photo of the Centers sons in 1920. Pictured l-r: Clint Centers, born 1906 in Livingston County, Kentucky, when his parents were working in the coal mines; James Madison Centers, born 1881, and died 1939; and Charley Centers, born 1908, died 1999. This photo was taken at Charley's eighth grade graduation. The Centers lived at Centers Hollow, Montgomery County, from 1913 to 1945, and the property is still in the family. James Madison bought the land from his parents Stephen E. and Rosa Centers in 1913. Stephen Centers bought the property from his son-in-law, Daniel E. May. Daniel had purchased it from W. D. May of Floyd County, who inherited it from the will of William H. May in 1889.