March 2000
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 Was Radio Invented In Kentucky?
 Civil War Recruitment Camps
 The Cherokee "Trail Of Tears"
 Assassination of Governor Goebel
 Catholic Sisters Were Angels Of Mercy
 I Remember: Stories By Our Readers
 Letters to the Explorer
 Hoffman's 1834 Travels in Kentucky
 Collins' Historical Sketches
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 Dr. John J. Dickey's Diary

Miscellaneous Thumbnails:


Curdsville/Beech Grove School, 1918

 Garrett Sunday School Class, early 1940s

 Garrett Black Devils, 1934-35

Warnock Elementary (Gr. 3), 1962

 William Winkler Family, 1910


 Sheriff Sarah Jane Morris

 George & Sarah Bowling Langdon

  Porter & Adelaide Riley Family

 Businessman, Jack Callahan, 1930s

 Noah Shaw & Bill Keys, ea. 1900s


Henry & Donna Shepherd Family

Rockcastle County Officials, 1938

 John C. & Mary Huff Holmes Family

W. B. Hale & Others, 1911

  Muhlenberg County High, 1950




 Grandma Ellen Kurr, Fishtrap

Arthur Brewer & Granddaughters

 David & "Nan" Davidson, ca. 1910

Admirers View A Morehead Still

 Hindman, Knott County, Still




 Nancy "Nan" Davidson Family, 1934

Middle Trough Camp School, 1934

Madison County Moonshine Still

Arthur & Will Brewer, mid-1900s

Two Young 'Shiners With Still