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Betty B. Ramey, 12362 N. State Highway 7, Grayson, KY 41143, shares this photo of the 1962 third grade class of Warnock Elementary School in Greenup County, Kentucky. First row, l-r: Mary Rhoden, Jean Scharborough, Johnnie Smith, Jerry Floyd, Chester Rhoden, and Charlie Wilburn. Second row, l-r: Miss Baker (Ramey), Vickie Corns, Nancy Allen, Gregory Harris, Judy Dummitt, Lloyd Bowling, and Linda Webb. Third row, l-r: Melody Hall, Kathy Bellups, Jane Hamilton, Charles Rister, Joe Taylor, Marvin Chaffins, and Melwood Royster.

The school will be closed in the spring of 1956. This was the first class that Mrs. Ramey ever taught.









Cecil Vires, 2673 Vega Road, Thurman, OH 45685, a former resident of War Creek, Breathitt County, Kentucky, shares these photos with our readers.

Above is Arthur Brewer and Mr. Vires' great-uncle, Will Brewer. Arthur Brewer was a minister for 40 years throughout Breathitt County, Kentucky. He died in December 1969 and is buried in the Lawson Cemetery.

At left is his grandfather, Arthur Brewer; and Arthur's granddaughters, Mary Alice Smith (deceased) and Brenda Kirby, of Waynesville, Ohio.

Mr. Vires would like to hear from people who attended Vancleve School or Breathitt County High School. Photos taken in Breathitt County, Kentucky, in the mid-1900s.

Joe Allen, 1122 N. E. 91st Street, Miami Shores, FL 33138, shares this photo with our readers, with the hopes that someone can give him some information about it. Mr. Allen believes that the man in the center row is his uncle, Newt Allen. This could possibly be workers and their families of Lax-Fos Company. Notice the sign.

Place and date of photo not given. Feel free to contact Mr. Allen with any information.

The Davidson family at Bull Skin Creek, Clay County, Kentucky, taken in October 1934. Left to right, Levi Spurlock (Nan's father), b. June 15, 1865, d. February 20, 1961; Nancy B. "Nan" Spurlock Davidson, b. May 10, 1891, d. August 14, 1986; George Gay, who married Nan's daughter, Stella; and Oscar Davidson, age 9, b. May 10, 1925.

Lodena McCleese, 1832 Railroad Hollow, South Webster, OH 45682 shares this photo of Middle Trough Camp School, taken about 1934 or 1935 in Carter County, Kentucky.

The children include: Row 1 (back row, left to right): Wylie Knipp, Lauangel Dean, Paul Burchett, and Marie McGuire; Row 2: Faye Knipp, Jessie Stallard, Helen Burchett, Madge Tabor, Cora Bond, and Maretta Parker; Row 3: Hansel Webb, P. Haskell Tabor, Maggie Tabor, Alpha Tabor, Jewell Tabor, Napolian Bond, and Geneva P. Simer; Row 4: (unknown), Isabell Webb, Evelyn Littleton, Mamie Tabor, (unknown), Nevada Webb, (unknown), Eugene Dean, (unknown), and Lodena P. Simer; Row 5: Loveda P. Simer, (unknown), (unknown), Dorothy Webb, Helen Carver, Rachel Tabor, and ____ Leemaster; Row 6: (unknown), Donnie Webb, Louelldean Tabor, J. T. Carver, and Kendell Dean. The teacher is Norbeth Burchett Coleman, who rode a horse back and forth to school.

If anyway can identify any of the "unknowns," please contact Lodena McCleese.





At left, from about 1910, David and Nannie Spurlock Davidson.

Photo courtesy of the author.


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