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Christine Riley Farmer, 3331 College Corner Road, Richmond, IN 47374, shares this photo of the Porter and Adelaide Johnson Riley family, taken ca. 1904 at Shipley, Clinton County, Kentucky.

Front row, l-r: Alma; Stanley, behind Alma; Porter; Jim; and Adelaide, holding her granddaughter, Carrie.

Next row, l-r: Charlie; Martha; Vernetta; and Marietta.

Next to the tree is John Lafayette Riley, Mrs. Farmer's grandfather.









Long-time Jackson, Kentucky, businessman Jack Callahan (at right) was born at Canoe, Breathitt County, Kentucky, Dec. 9, 1911, to Roger and Mary Spicer Callahan. He later married Hattie Russell and operated a hardware store for many years.

Now retired, Callahan still lives in Jackson.

Photo from the 1930s, submitted by Lowen Morris, RR1, Box 81, Booneville, KY 41314.









Jonelle Hall Johnson, 10195 State Highway 31 E., Tyler, TX 75705, shares this photo of the 1950 graduating class from Muhlenburg County High School in Drakesboro, Kentucky. Mrs. Johnson is the third one from the left in the front row. None of the others were identified. Perhaps you may know some of the other students?

Joe Abney, RR 2, Mt. Vernon, KY 40456, shares this photo with our readers. This photo, taken January 2, 1938, shows the newly-elected officials, of Rockcastle County, Kentucky, on the day they were sworn into office. Shown are, seated: Dave Clark, sheriff. Standing, l-r: Danny Mullins; Frank Shell, magistrate of the 5th district; Tom Nicely, circuit court clerk; Bob Byrd, local attorney; Charles Carter, county judge; and Earl Phillips, jailer.

Lisa Fortner, of Mt. Carmel, Tennessee, shares this photo of her great-great-great-grandparents, John Clinton Holmes and Mary "Polly" Huff Holmes, of Harlan County, Kentucky, taken in the early 1900s. Back row, l-r: John Clinton Holmes, Floyd Holmes, unknown, and Cary Holmes. Front row, l-r: Talmage Holmes, Polly Huff Holmes, Dora Holmes, Silas Holmes, Cora Holmes (standing behind Silas and Sarah), Sarah Bailey Holmes, Jenny Holmes, Mattie Holmes and Allie Holmes. All the children belonged to Silas and Sarah.

Juanita L. Degeyter, 3614 Pleasant Road, South Bend, IN 46615, shares this photo with our readers. She writes, "This photo was taken on March 30, 1911. The second guy in the first row is W. B. Hale." No other information was given on this photo.


Don Edward Wright, 710 N. Beverly Avenue, Covington, VA 24426, shares this photo that he found in his mother's things after she passed away.

On the back of the picture it says, "Grandma Ellen Kurr." Mr. Wright's mother lived at Fishtrap, Kentucky, before she moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Mr. Wright would like more information on this photo. Date and place of photo not given.








Donald J. Keys, RR 1 Box 114, Webster, KY 40176, shares this photo of Noah Shaw (left), born 11/9/1861, died 3/19/1942; and his grandfather, Bill Keys (right), born 4/13/1860, died 6/14/1935.

Photo taken in the early 1900s in Eastern Kentucky.







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