One of the popular features found in The Kentucky Explorer each month is genealogy, often published in the form of letters, queries, photographs, and stories. Several serial features, such as Kentucky Genealogy Help Line, Genealogy From The Long Ago, Strictly Kentucky Genealogy, and Kentucky Kinfolk are dedicated solely to this purpose and continue from month to month.

Here are some genealogy items from our November 2015 issue.

"Kentucky Kinfolks"
Neville, Garnett-Noe, O'Bannon, Williams, Wash-Lipscomb, plus more.

"Genealogy From The Long Ago"
Branham/Brannan-Owen, Steele, Adams, Hill-Mason-Parham, Key, Hull, Daviess, Davenport

"Strictly Kentucky Genealogy" Parker

"Kentucky Genealogy Help Line"

Williams, Kennedy, Oakley, Jones, Gayheart-Pridemore, plus more.

(Various Materials To Aid In Family History Research).

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