One of the popular features found in The Kentucky Explorer each month is genealogy, often published in the form of letters, queries, photographs, and stories. Several serial features, such as Kentucky Genealogy Help Line, Genealogy From The Long Ago, Strictly Kentucky Genealogy, and Kentucky Kinfolk are dedicated solely to this purpose and continue from month to month.

Here are some genealogy items from our September 2015 issue.
(From "Genealogy From The Long Ago")

It is probable that Elizabeth Mosby Bedford was a sister of Littleberry Mosby, Sr. Research at Goochland Courthouse, Cumberland Courthouse, and Powhatan Courthouse, Virginia, will show Col. Littleberry Mosby, Sr., made his will January 6, 1809; probated at Powhatan Courthouse, March 15, 1809, and recorded in Will Book No. 3, page 292. It mentions in it his son, Jacob Mosby, deceased. Colonel Mosby was the father of 14 children: Benjamin, John Littleberry (Jr.), Sally (married William Cannon, of Mt. Ida, Buckingham County), Mary (married Hughes), Betsy, Wade, Richard, Betty Ann, Martha, Judith, Benjamin (second), Narcissa, and Jacob Michaux. Colonel Mosby married three times. First to Elizabeth Netherland, August 1748, and the children inclusive of Richard are of that marriage; second, Judith Michaux, of the well-known Huguenot family, who yet live at Michaux, P. O., Powhatan County; and third, Miss Martha Scott Thomas.

James Taylor I came to Virginia from Carlisle, England, and died there (in Virginia) in 1698. His first wife was Frances ?; she died in 1680. His second wife, Mary Gregory, he married in 1682. This James had a daughter, Mary, who married a Pendleton. She was born in 1688. James II married Martha Thompson; he died in 1729. He was Burgess from King and Queen County, Virginia, from 1702 to 1710; married Martha Thompson February 23, 1699. George Taylor, son of James Taylor II and Martha Thompson, born February 1711, Orange County, Virginia, died November 4, 1792. He was Clerk of Orange County, Virginia, 1750 to 1772; Colonel of Orange County, 1755; Burgess, 1749 to 1772. Col. George Taylor was a brother of Zachary Taylor, grandfather of President Taylor, and also brother of Frances Taylor, who married Ambrose Madison, ancestor of President Madison. Colonel George Taylor was also uncle of Gen. James Taylor, the ancestor of Newport, Kentucky, Taylors, all being descendants of the second James. Jonathan Taylor, son of Col. George Taylor and Rachel Gibson, his wife, was born 1742. He was one of 13 children; he and nine brothers being officers in the Revolutionary War. Jonathan Taylor married Anne Berry in 1766 in Virginia, and moved to Kentucky in 1789 and settled at Basin Springs in Clark County, which is still in possession of his descendants. He died in 1804, leaving a large family of sons and daughters. One son, Jonathan, served with distinction under Anthony Wayne. His daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Amis, is still living in Louis-ville. Another son of Jonathan Taylor, Samuel M. Taylor, was for 30 years Clerk of the Clark County Court, and member of the early Kentucky Legislature. He married Mildred Martin, and they had ten children.

Mary, daughter of Ferdinand Leigh, married William Claiborne, of Manchester. She was an aunt of Benjamin Walkins Leigh, an able jurist of Virginia. She had four sons: General Ferdinand Leigh of Mississippi; William Charles Cole, first Governor of Louisiana; Hon. Nathaniel H. of Virginia; and Dr. Thomas Augustine, a surgeon of the navy, who married Sarah Lewis, of Nashville, and had, among other children, Mary E. P. Claiborne, who married Hon. Abram P. Maury of Williamson County, Tennessee.

Five brothers named Ashby came to America. One was named Nimrod, two brothers were William and Robert. They were in the French and Indian Wars. They were at the attack on Fort Duquesne, where Pittsburgh now stands. Nimrod's services were recognized by the House of Burgesses, and 5,000 acres on which the city of Lexington now stands were given him. He started to Kentucky and died suddenly. He left two children, Vivian and Foushee Ashby, both from Prince William County, Virginia.

Thomas Bedford, of Charlotte County, Virginia, was twice married, first to Miss Spencer, then to Mary Coleman, who bore him a large family. Among them were Thomas, Benjamin Littleberry, and Asa. The last three married the daughters of Dr. Henry Clay, an early pioneer of Bourbon County, Kentucky. Thomas, Sr., lived in Goochland County, Virginia, dying there about 1758.

The children of William Anderson and his wife, Elizabeth Miller, were Robert, Alex, Hugh, John M., Rebecca, and Jane. William Anderson was born in Augusta County, Virginia. He and the father of Oliver Anderson and Robert and Alex were brothers. William, with most of his children, moved to Missouri. Rebecca married a Mr. Walters, of Missouri. Jane married Mathias Lair.
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