Letters To The Editor

Each month, The Kentucky Explorer magazine receives literally scores of letters from our faithful readers. Whenever possible, we try to publish as many of them as possible in the 12 pages we have set aside for "Letters to the Editor."

Here are actual letters from September 2014

My Surprise 84th Birthday Gift
Dear Editor:
In the June issue of The Kentucky Explorer, the story of "War Chief Black Fish Led the Siege of Boonesborough," would, prior to this year, have been just another interesting story. But on my 84th birthday on March 10, 2014, a gift from my daughter, Deanna Brashear Katico, who now lives in Lexington, Kentucky, made this story take on significant interest. On my mother's (Eva Ross Brashear) side of our family, my daughter informed me that my grandmother, Rachel Newman Ross, was the great-great-granddaughter of Daniel Boone.
It appears that when Daniel Boone and his family left Boonesboro and moved to Missouri, they left two married daughters in the Boonesboro area. One of those daughters, Levina, I became a descendant.
Mother, who was born in Lee County, Kentucky, was the daughter of Rachel Newman and John Ross. Of this marriage, Mother was the only daughter with four brothers: Matt, Lloyd, Bill, and Johnny, who lived to maturity.
In 1925 Mother married George Dishmond Brashear, and they lived most of their life in the Wabaco section of Hazard, Perry County, Kentucky.
In 2007 my wife, Blanca Alejandro Brashear, and I moved to Browns-ville, Texas, on the Rio Grande River, across from Matamoros, Mexico.
Col. Eugene Brashear
1240 Costa Del Sol
Brownsville, TX 78520

Harrison County, Kentucky,
History & Families Book

Dear Editor:
The Harrison County (Kentucky) Historical Society, a nonprofit organization, is in the process of preparing the Harrison County, Kentucky, History & Families Book. If any Kentucky Explorer readers are or have been residents of Harrison County, or if it was once home to their ancestors, being parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins, they can submit a typed, double-spaced family history up to 500 words and one family photograph to be included in the book at no cost to them. All words above 500 words per history will be 15 cents per word and all family photographs above one photograph will cost $15 each. Write the name(s) on the back of the photo-graph(s). All photographs will be returned, but newspaper photographs cannot be used. Limit one story per household.
This book is available on a pre-sale, only, for $54.95, plus $6 postage. That means only those who order now (no later than September 15, 2014, before publication, will receive a copy of the book. Kentucky residents add 6 percent sales tax.
All family histories and/or book purchases must arrive not later than September 15, 2014. Contact Marilyn Bell at 859/234-2749 or empty bell@bellsouth.net with any questions.
Send all family histories/photographs and/or checks/money orders to purchase the books to: Harrison County, Kentucky, History & Families Book, Harrison Co. Historical Society, P. O. Box 411, Cynthiana, KY 41031.
The Society is looking forward to hearing from Explorer readers.
Donald L. Wagoner, President
Harrison County Historical Society
P. O. Box 411
Cynthiana, KY 41031
There Were Large Cats
In Crab Orchard

Dear Editor:
I live in Crab Orchard, Lincoln County, Kentucky.
There were large black cats in Crab Orchard in the 1970s that were called panthers, but they have mostly been killed out since. They were as big as German Shepherds. We had a large bulldog in 1973 and one of these cats came into our yard and tore him to pieces. My family lived across from the school in town.
Also, during that same year I met one in our yard face to face. Thank goodness it ran from me. I didn't waste any time getting back in the house. The baby panthers sound like a baby crying and the large female sounds like a woman screaming, which makes the hair on one's head stand up.
There used to be a lot of these cats killed on the road, but these days they are rarely seen.
Sharon Harris Caudill
148 Lancaster Street
Crab Orchard, KY 40419

These are just samples of the many letters in each issue of The Explorer.