Reader Queries

Each month, The Kentucky Explorer magazine receives literally scores of letters from our faithful readers. Among those letters we often find queries, ranging from requests for words to songs and poems to trying to locate former classmates and military buddies of long ago.

Here are a few queries from

July/August 2014

Searching For Gravesite
Of Albert Thrasher

Dear Editor:
I want to thank The Kentucky Explorer for publishing my letter in the March 2014 issue. The letter was in regard to the search for Albert Thrasher's gravesite.
I have received information from Samuel Perry, Bill Stocker, and the McCreary County Museum.
Albert was one of the six killed in the Barthell (McCreary County) mine explosion in 1910.
The museum staff has taken it upon themselves to go to a cemetery and look for our Albert's headstone.
I am so happy I receive The Explorer. It has helped me keep in touch with my roots and is a connection to the people who have been so kind to take time to help out.
This is truly our family's last chance of locating the gravesite of Albert Thrasher.
We deeply appreciate the help we have received.
Garry Z. Sears
P. O. Box 43
Oldsmar, FL 34677

Wanted: Song And Info.
On Wheeler Couple

Dear Editor:
If anyone has a copy of the song "My Lord Keeps A Record," I would like to have a copy.
Also, I would like to hear from anyone who knows Riley and Blanch Wheeler. I don't know what part of Kentucky Riley was from, but Blanch was from Knoxville, Tennessee.
Riley and I were in the Army together in Pennsylvania in the 1950s, and I would like know where he his.
My wife and I enjoy The Explorer very much.
Roger F. Lee
7560 Mill Run
Columbus, IN 47201

Hill Top Inn
Dear Editor:
I am interested in any articles or photos of the Hill Top Inn located on Highway 460 and McCoussey Ridge Road on Frenchburg Hill in Frenchburg, Menifee County, Kentucky. I would like to know when the inn was built.
One of the owners may have been Mr. J. Thompson. One of the employees of the restaurant during the 1940s and 1950s was Claude Lovely, a half brother to Lewis Lovely. Claude's wife was Atha Hobbs Lovely.
In the restaurant area was a jukebox, at which people were fascinated when putting in their coins. As the music began, two young boys would come out and dance.
Hill Top Inn was well known due to the entertainment and its location.
My great-aunt, Betty/Elizabeth Whitt, married into the Lovely family.
I would appreciate any information.
Christy Whitt
1317 Mill Creek Place
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Two New Projects
Dear Editor:
Once again, I am asking for help. One of the great things I like about The Kentucky Explorer is the response one gets from the readers. I have been on the receiving end as well as the giving end of this dialogue. I received much help from places I didn't dream would have had information about my projects. After four books published on the town of Butler, Kentucky, I have turned my attention to two other areas of Pendleton County.
These new areas include Boston Station, located on US 27. It has a landmark of the Boston Union Church. It also has some of the oldest residents who settled in Northern Kentucky. Some of those residents were named Ellis, Kirby, or Clayton, to name a few.
The other area is Peach Grove,which is located at the intersection of Highway 10 N. and Highway 154 in the northeast corner of Pendleton County. This is where I presently reside on the over 200-year-old family farm. Some of those residents were Ellis, Lancaster, and Rouse, to name a few.
I am looking for the usual things: people history, business history, war stories, photographs, and anything else that has made these two small communities stay around for such a long time. Neither one of these communities was ever incorporated as a town or city by the commonwealth. I am using the 1884 Bracken/Pendleton County Atlas as a pivotal point for this research.
Any help from readers will be greatly appreciated.
I am also working on a family book entitled The Ducker Family In Kentucky, Vol. 1.
The Kentucky Explorer is a magazine I look forward to each month.
Thanks for keeping up the good reading.
Stanley R. Bradbury
3789 KY Highway 154
California, KY 41007

These are only a few of the many queries inside The Kentucky Explorer.