June 2014

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Frenchburg (Menifee County) High School Graduating Class of 1937. Front row, l-r: Monie Whitaker, Mildred Griffith, Chick Hall, Mildred Norris, Professor Frank Wiley, Pearl Ferguson, Jack Cornwell, Irene Branham, and Rachel Simpkin. Middle row, l-r: Elsie Wynn, Lucille Caudel, Elizabeth Mynhier, Martha Richardson, May Williams, Irene Combs, Frank Williams, and Unadell Peyton. Back row, l-r: Gaylord Mann, Johnnie McDowell, Ella Ackers, Carl Vice, Waldo Becraft, Jeannie Rose, Charles Robinson, Jack Lovely, Walter Holland, Irene Back, and Paul Snapp. Diane and Harold Howell, 755 Grassy Lick Road, Mt. Sterling, KY 40353; dchowell@kih.net, shares this photo with our readers.

A view of the Van Lear Hotel in the coal town of Van Lear in Johnson County, Kentucky, ca. 1920. Incorporated in 1912, the town was named for a director of Consolidation Coal Company (Consol), Van Lear Black.

Miners of Bardo Coal Mining Company, Harlan County, Kentucky, in 1940. In front, by himself, Connie Deaton. First row, l-r: E. F. Smithers, Carl Smithers, Ancil Rose, Boss Thomas, R. J. Nolan, C. S. Deacon, Bart Williams, Shell Sanford, Chester Lyttle, Elmer Richmond, Brownlow Estes, Jesse Mattie, and Rufus Jackson. Second row, l-r: Albert Senters, Charlie Marlin, Thelman Bray, Frank Mattie, Harrison Gibson, Cecil Towe, John Thomas, Homer Clotfelter, Hosea Thomas, Charlie Logan, Henry Orick, Clum Fowler, Gilbert Towe, Earm Thurmon, and Sam Huston. Third row, l-r: R. O. Holden, Henry Orick, Britt Hensley, Archie Bray, Luther Perkins, Bill Cole, Cecil Depew, Walter Ellis, Otis Williams, Alex Jackson, Harvey Garrett-Spurlock, Marshall Hensley, Lucus Breedlove, and Arthur Mattie. Fourth row, l-r: John Dean, George Goins, Ken Wilhoit, Ben King, Charlie Thomas, John McDaniels, George Atkins, Clyde Brooks, Millard Wilhoit, Byrd Garrett-Spurlock, Ambros Dash, Emory Hopkins, Doug Davenport, Alf Bruce, and Clyde Forax. Fifth row, l-r: Woodroe Holden, Alex Ellis, Ira Grant, Bert Taylor, Dallas Howard, A. B. Cheek, George Ward, Bill Trent, Jack Trent, Charlie Senters, Roy Estes, Bob Mattie, and Monroe Parker. Sixth row, l-r: Ed McVey, Clyde Logan, Estel Ward, Frank Berry, Jack Deacon, James Bray, Andrew Elwood, Wilber Taylor, Rodney Wilson, Ike Rhea, Cleat Trent, Clarence Parker, Dan Simpson, Sam Gibbs, Harley Thomas, H. L. Delay, and Clyde Garrett-Spurlock. Seventh row, l-r: Bob Atkins, Harvey Seals, Harold Dean, Henry Jones, Bob Estes, Elmer Smith, Cleat Roberts, Jim Thompson, Cliff Haun, Chess Tye, and Walter Jones. The Bardo Coal Mining Company operated from 1927 to 1956. Robert Spurlock, 5330 Jean Lane, Santa Barbara, CA 93111; rspurlock@aol.com, shares this photo with our readers.


Roxanna Self Brown, 5760 Weaver Road, Batavia, OH 45103, shares this photo of Jesse Self, born 1853, Edmonson County, Kentucky, and died 1916 in Oklahoma; and Caroline Roof, born 1860, Edmonson County, and died in 1938 in Oklahoma. Jesse was a preacher and Roxanne's great-uncle.

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