Reader Queries

Each month, The Kentucky Explorer magazine receives literally scores of letters from our faithful readers. Among those letters we often find queries, ranging from requests for words to songs and poems to trying to locate former classmates and military buddies of long ago.

Here are a few queries from

May 2014

Photo Wanted Of
Old Stanford Hotel

Dear Editor:
I am looking for a photograph of the old Stanford Hotel, in Lincoln County, Kentucky, which was located on the north side of Main Street, near the Interior Journal office. This old hotel was apparently a large residential home, with a big porch and a superb dining room, run by Nell Gooch Spoonamore.
As a youngster, I recall the smell of food, iced tea with mint leaves, and the chirps of caged canaries Nell kept on the premises. One of her children was named Lawrence. He died in the early 1940s. There was a daughter, who was older than I. Her husband was called "Spoonie."
I believe that Nell, the last I heard, lived just a block south off Main Street on Somerset Road, perhaps in a smaller hotel or rooming house, in which I recall classic white hexagonal floor tiles in the bathrooms and a bottle of Teel, which was a red liquid, cinnamon flavored dentifrice.
If anyone has a photo of the old hotel, I would appreciate a copy.
I have many memories of Stanford in the 1940s.
Edward Shaw
604 Green Ridge Court
Lexington, KY 40517

WWI/WWII Soldiers
Buried Overseas

Dear Editor:
I wrote to The Kentucky Explorer a few weeks ago about my desire to find the stories of the soldiers buried overseas. So far, I have received two letters from people who either had family in WWII or were in WWII themselves. I have written them back and thanked them for the kind words of encouragement.
I know that to some people this little endeavor amounts to nothing of any concern in their lives, but to these two people who took the time to write, it means the world that someone cares enough to do the things that were done.
So, I must thank The Explorer for running the article so that it is known that these men and women are not forgotten and will forever be known as the brave soldiers they were so long ago.
Michael Beach
P. O. Box 582
Maysville, OK 73057
Editor's Note: Mr. Beach's letter appeared on page 9 of the March 2014 issue of The Kentucky Explorer.

Rowan County
Yearbook Wanted

Dear Editor:
I am looking for a 1956 or 1957 yearbook from Rowan County High School in Morehead, Kentucky.
If someone has one to sell or trade, please contact me.
Stella Myers
325 Grant Street
Wabash, IN 46992

Lyrics To Song Wanted
Dear Editor:
I am searching for the lyrics to the song Down By The Riverside.
I will be glad to reimburse any costs.
Lillie H. Robbins
P. O. Box 572
Pineville, KY 40977

These are only a few of the many queries inside The Kentucky Explorer.