March 2014

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Family and friends of Irene Hopkins, who was born in 1915 and died in 1933, gathered for her burial in the Henry Crace Cemetery. Irene was the daughter of Oscar Hopkins. The Crace Cemetery is located at Ivyton, Magoffin County, Kentucky, on the hill close to the CSX Railroad trestle which crosses Kentucky Highway 114 between Salyersville and Prestonsburg. The tall monument, partially shown, is a memorial for the Crace family. Henry Crace, for whom the cemetery is named, was born in 1850 and died in 1911. The photo below is of a Kentucky & West Virginia Power Company crew in front of the Salyersville Water Plant. Before Kentucky & West Virginia Power came to Salyersville, around 1936, a privately-owned electric-generating plant served the town. These photos, of which only portions are shown, were taken with a circuit camera by W. S. Flint of the Flint Studio in Salyersville and are shared by James Allen, 447 Kentucky Street, Salyersville, KY 41465.

1949 Hankins-Foard Baseball Team. During the summer of 1949, ten amateur baseball teams were formed to make up the Christian County (Kentucky) Baseball League. Games were played between the teams of Fairview, Lacy, Ford's Cafe, Crofton, South Christian, Carney's, Gracey, Pembroke, and LaFayette of Christian County; and Nortonville of Hopkins County. Transported by pickup truck and a Model-T Sedan, the Hankins-Foard team, shown in this photo, played every Sunday afternoon. The players were (kneeling, l-r) Co-manager Marion "Hank" Hankins, Sonny "Ace" Loftus, Tom "Judge" Soyars, and Grady Ruff. Standing, l-r: Charlie Smith, Henry "Mose" Klein, Billy "Unk" Haddock, Dan White, Co-manager Joe Bill Foard, Lewis Faulkner, Frank Adams, and Bobby "Foxey" McCord. George Kirk, J. D. Jones, and Henry "Noonie" Thompson are not pictured. Joseph W. Foard, 1910 Everett Lane, Hopkinsville, KY 42240, shares this photo with our readers.

Rev. J. C."Jeff" Everman is shown driving his horse-drawn hearse, ca. 1918, at West Bend, Powell County, Kentucky. Jefferson Claude Everman (1885-1968) often traveled the roads of Powell County, up the hollows and out the ridges, hauling loved ones to the cemetery. Jeff purchased the hearse shown in the photo from J. S. Ewen, a former undertaker of Stanton. Mr. Everman ran the funeral service in West Bend, as well as Frank Berry. Before Jeff purchased the fancy two-horse rig shown here, he transported bodies to the graveyard in a one-horse covered spring wagon. In the 1930s, he moved his motorized hearse and residence to Stanton and later sold these to I. D. Hearne. Mr. Everman was a minister, Powell County Judge, coroner, undertaker, Revenue Department Field Agent, an accomplished builder, and he achieved many goals in life. He was reputed to be the only citizen of the area ever to have had the legal qualifications to sign a birth certificate, perform matrimonial rites, arrest one if he were a desperado, get one for moonshining, sign a death certificate, preach one's funeral, and then do the burying. This photo is from the 2001 Red River Historical Memories Calendar, provided by Goldie Seale Everman and Ronnie Everman, both of Powell County, with information written by Larry Meadows. For further information regarding the calendars contact the Red River Historical Society, P. O. Box 195, Clay City, KY 40312. The museum is located at 4541 Main Street in Clay City.

Dorothy McNeely, 5200 Cangro Street, Cocoa, FL 32926, shares this photo of the third and fourth grade classes at Farmington Elementary School, Graves County, Kentucky, in 1938. Top row, l-r: Junior Patterson, Betty Ann Workman, Vernon Norsworthy, Laverne Hart, Sam Johnson (Jr.), June Colley, Jack Wilford, Mabel Bouland, Marvin Davidson, Dorothy Adams, and Jimmie Adams. Next row, l-r: Pauline Gream, Hoyt Adams, Burdene Patterson, James R. Cavitt, Sara Virginia Brittion, Aaron Neal Copeland, Lucille Crittenden, and Clarence Ainley. Next row, l-r: Barbara Cavitt, Curtis Norsworthy, Alma Love Davis, Mabel Hall, Gene Spaulding, Margaret J. Sanderson, Will Edd Moore, and Mary Jo Wilford. Front row, l-r: Mary Jo Flood, Jerry Bagwell, a Davidson, Bobby Adams, Nancy McNeely, Wanda Sue Ainley, Kenneth Moore, and Lottie Sue Crouch.

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