December 2013

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Anita Sibcy, 616 Crestview Drive, Lebanon, OH 45036, shares this photo of her grandpa, George Johnston; her dad, Virgil Wright; and a cousin, William Wright. The group was in the process of butchering a hog in November 1966. The photo was taken on Spaws Creek near West Liberty, Morgan County, Kentucky. Anita writes, "They really worked hard for their food."

Tina McFarland Savelyev, P. O. Box 1591, Danville, KY 40423, shares this photo of some of her family members standing in front of an electricity apparatus. Shown in the photo are (not in order) Tina's uncle, Paul Young McFarland; his wife, Bettie Sloan; and George and Polly Ann McFarland Peavey. The photo was possibly taken in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Tina says that electricity did not come to her family's area in Casey County until the 1940s, and she knows this photo was taken in the early 1930s because George and Polly Ann both died early in 1935.

Brenda Arnold Mattox-Rapp tells The Kentucky Explorer that she was afraid of Santa in her younger years, but by the time she was six years old, she had overcome those fears, as evident in this scene. This photo was taken ca. 1949, most likely at Dawahare's Department Store on Main Street, Hazard, Perry County, Kentucky. Brenda's family religiously went from Blue Diamond to Hazard every Saturday, as did many coal camp residents. Brenda is the daughter of Ezra Arnold and Mabel Tallent Mattox of Perry County and the granddaughter of Robert Wickliffe and Nannie Lou Griffith Tallent of Breathitt County and Ulysseus Garfield and Lucy Ray Mattox of Nicholas County. Ezra Arnold was a history teacher and taught for both Eastern and Asbury Colleges. Brenda now resides at 1919 N. Argyle Avenue, Apt. 209, Los Angeles, CA 90068, and would cherish any cards or letters from those who remember her or her parents or grandparents.

Linda Nickell Hollon, 500 Santa Barbara Drive, Middletown, OH 45042, shares this photo of her great-uncle, Courtney Cash Campbell (11/25/1882-1/28/1941). Courtney was the son of James and Elizabeth Brown Campbell of Menifee County, Kentucky. His siblings were Grover Cleveland Campbell, Maggie Campbell Nickell (Linda's grandmother), Dexter Campbell, McClellan Campbell, and Molly Campbell. Courtney was a bachelor and worked for the Ohio and Kentucky (O&K) Railroad. He lived at Cannel City in Morgan County. He always left his door key on a nail beside the door, and said that he didn't want anyone to tear up his door to get in his house. Courtney is shown in the photo with his Indian motorcycle at Pomeroyton, Meni-fee County, Kentucky, ca. early 1900s.

Dollie S. Onkst, Pineville, 440 Onkst Drive, Pineville, Kentucky; 606/337-3125;, shares this photo taken in September 1949 of the teachers and students at Roth School, Roth Camp, Bell County, Kentucky. Dollie's parents, Joey and Edith Sanders, lived in the Roth Camp from 1935 to 1942. Edith Sanders who is now 96 years old remembers all the children shown. Those in the photo are (not in order) Gladys Slusher Lee (teacher), Paul Miller, Ray Smith, Pauline Miller, Arnold Broughton, Minnie Miller, J. B. Broughton, Myrtle Jones, Daniel Broughton, Donnie Bell Bargo, C. R. Messer, Clarence Rogers, David Brock, Curtis Rogers, Leroy Smith, Ethel Broughton, Marie Dozier, Christine Dozier, H. B. Dozier, Jewel Dozier, Ronald Cox, Russell Rogers, Ad Bruner, Harry Bruner, Carlous Johnson, Goldie Broughton, Julia Roberts, Francis Smith, Angis Ward, Myrtle Ward, Audrie Jones, Nick Kaptian, Marie Kaptian, and Harold Woolum. Most of the children with the same last names were siblings. (Names spelled as submitted.)

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