October 2013


Gene Pitman, 2957 Stanwin Place, Evendale, OH 45241; 513/761-6175, shares this photo of a gathering at either Hogue or Bethel Ridge, Pulaski County, Kentucky, ca. early 1900s. The only ones known in the photo are (1) Stacey Wesley Godbey, (2) Jennie Adams Wesley, (3) Polly Godbey Wesley, and (4) Mack Wesley. Jack and Jennie Wesley reared Gene as his father, Luther Pitman, died in 1938.


Frieda Curtis-Wheatley, 600 Hatherleigh Lane, Louisville, KY 40222, shares this photo taken in 1920 in Franklin County, Kentucky. These are the children of Sylvester and Mattie Allen Estill, l-r: Mary Estill, Sibyl Estill, and Lula Estill.


John Cooner, 5307 W. Philippi Place, Fredericksburg, VA 22407, shares this photo of his father, Hal Cooner, who was a photographer in Hazard, Perry County, Kentucky. This photo was taken during the 1957 flood that devastated Hazard.

This is an October 17, 1911, image of the trial officials and jury in the John Boarman trial who are posed for the photographer in front of the Marion County Courthouse.

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Charles Whalin shares this photo of the Southgate brothers taken in Newport, Campbell County, Kentucky, before 1931. They are the sons of Edward Lush Southgate and grandsons of Richard Southgate. L-R: Henry "Harry" Hinde Southgate, James Moss Southgate, Rev. Edward Lush Southgate II, and William Wright Southgate. See "Strictly Genealogy" beginning on previous page.


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