Letters To The Editor

Each month, The Kentucky Explorer magazine receives literally scores of letters from our faithful readers. Whenever possible, we try to publish as many of them as possible in the 12 pages we have set aside for "Letters to the Editor."

Here are actual letters from September 2013

Originally From Lost Creek
Dear Editor:
I am originally from a little community called Lost Creek located outside of Duane and Hazard in Perry County, Kentucky.
When I was 14, I went to Cincinnati, Ohio, to work.
I have a lot of family members on the Combs and Tucker sides that I have never known.
My parents were Blaine Combs, a coal miner, and Alice Tucker Combs. I don't know much about either side. I do know my mother's family was from Dwarf in Perry County. Dad's mother was part Indian.
I would really like to hear from any of my family.
I had not seen my brother since I held him when I was six years old, and I finally met him after 64 years.
He ordered a subscription to The Kentucky Explorer for me. I thank God for him. He lives in Texas and now we are the only siblings remaining.
Maxine Combs Shorter
219 Pike Street
Reading, OH 45215

Memories Of Perryville
Dear Editor:
I was born in Perryville, Boyle County, Kentucky, which is widely known and remembered for the battle there in October of 1862.
My memories of Perryville are of Mayes, Helm & Coyle Kentucky Food Store, Baldwin's Clothing, Casey's Filling Station, White House Bros., the old post office, the old school, the pool hall, the drug store, the old bank, the Ford dealership, and the churches where I attended Bible school.
There was once a good bus service and movies by the bridge (a drive-in). There were also good doctors, one even made house calls. A mill was located in Perryville and a poultry house. Today we drive 10 or 15 miles for a box of nails, a yard of material, feed for our livestock, to see a doctor, or to get groceries.
What I remember most is the good kind people who ran these businesses where credit could be obtained on one's word. This was a time when neighbors were good neighbors, friends were friends, and families were families.
Today I am saddened as I drive through the town, but I will always look back on my good memories.
I would enjoy hearing from other Kentucky Explorer readers.
Sylvia Arnold
1745 Craintown Road
Gravel Switch, KY 40328

Enjoyed Photos
Of Hall Brothers

Dear Editor:
In the June 2013 issue of The Kentucky Explorer, on page 109, are photos of Ted and Robert Hall. The photos depict the brothers as toddlers and as they are today.
I was formerly a Tackett, and when I was about 13 or 14 years old, I babysat Ted and Robert in my hometown of Melvin, Floyd County, Kentucky. I now live in Mesa, Arizona.
The Hall brothers' father and mother were both schoolteachers.
I'm sure the brothers will not remember me, since they were only three or four years old at the time I babysat them.
I grew up in a big family at Melvin and still have numerous relatives living there.
I enjoy reading The Explorer. It gives me a chance to reminisce about times gone by.
Opal Tackett Inkel
301 S. 85th Street
Mesa, AZ 85208

These are just samples of the many letters in each issue of The Explorer.