July-August 2013

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Seldon E. Stapleton, Hillview Retirement Center, 1610 28th Street, Room 5215, Portsmouth, OH 45662, shares this photo of a group at McDavid School in Carter County, Kentucky, in 1939. Seldon was in the seventh grade in this photo. He is the first one in the third row. His sister, Doris, was in the first grade. She is the last girl in the front row. The teacher was Blanche Horn. There are several McDavid children in the photo. Also, there are Millers, Flaughters, Slones, Marshalls, Leadingtons, and Penningtons. Leondas Walker is in the front to Seldon's right.

J. W. Drew Whitaker, 3737 S. Atlantic Avenue, #803, Daytona Beach Shores, FL 32118; 386/761-7931; drew2020@aol.com, shares this photo of his great-uncle and aunt, Wilburn Turner (1843-1916) and Burnetta Wilburn Tompkins Turner (1841-1923). The photo was taken ca. 1905 in Laurel or Pulaski County, Kentucky.

93 Joseph Dalton, 6501 Germantown Road, #402, Middletown, OH 45042; dalton2011@cinci.rr.com, shares this photo of his great-grandmother, Caroline Richardson Sparks Spencer; and her son, John A. Stamper; and an unknown girl. Date and place of photo not given. Contact Joseph with any information about this family and photo.

Susie Lawson, 1809 Dix Road, Middletown, OH 45042; susiegrace@att.net, shares this photo. Seated in front is William Edgar Murphy (1/22/1891-3/30/1978), Susie's grandfather. He was born on Murphy Fork, Morgan County, Kentucky. Susie does not know the identities of the two boys. The one seated behind William may be his brother, Millard. The photo was taken ca. 1905 in the Murphy Fork area. William moved to Middletown, Ohio, to work in a steel mill ca. 1919. He was also a farmer, blacksmith, and carpenter. He was very talented with his hands but could barely read. Susie enjoyed spending time with him. If a reader can identify those in the photo, Susie is anxious to hear from you.

Elisha Gayheart, 5120 Lily Street, Pinellas Park, FL 33782, shares this photo from the 1940 Floyd Countian Yearbook. Shown is the Betsey Layne Track Team, l-r: Fred Hale, Claude Hopkins, Oland Ratliff, Francis Akers, Tom Lewis (Jr.), and L. J. Allen.


Sally Shifflett, P.O. Box 2011, Springfield, VA 22152, shares this photo of students of Witherspoon School/College at Buckhorn, Perry County, Kentucky. The children were celebrating Flag Day in the 1940s. The names of the students are unknown. Flag Day is observed on June 14th and commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States. President Woodrow Wilson issued a Presidential Proclamation establishing a national Flag Day in 1916.

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