One of the popular features found in The Kentucky Explorer each month is genealogy, often published in the form of letters, queries, photographs, and stories. Several serial features, such as Kentucky Genealogy Help Line, Genealogy From The Long Ago, Strictly Kentucky Genealogy, and Kentucky Kinfolk are dedicated solely to this purpose and continue from month to month.

Here are some genealogy items from our July-August 2013 issue.
(From "Genealogy From The Long Ago")

Israel Christian was born about 1714. The Christians were originally from Scotland but came to the Isle of Man as early as 1422, where they were settled and where their descendants still hold estates. They were of the rank of gentlemen. Either Israel Christian's father went to Dublin or Israel himself and was there a short time, but not being satisfied, Israel came to America. He married Elizabeth Starke, a superior woman, and settled in Staun-ton, Augusta County, Virginia, about 1740 or 1741. Here their children were all born. The eldest child was Col. William Christian, who married Annie Henry, a sister of Patrick Henry. Their children were Priscilla, who married Col. Alexander Bullitt of Kentucky; Sally, who married Dr. Henry (?) Warfield; Elizabeth, who married Mr. Dickenson; Dorathea, who married Dr. Fishback; Annie, who married Governor Pope; and John Christian, who died at the age of 18. Colonel Christian's descendants all lived in Kentucky.
The second child of Israel and Elizabeth Christian was Anne, the wife of Col. William Fleming. Their children were Leonard Israel Christian Fleming, who married first his cousin, Mary Bowyer, the daughter of Col. William Bowyer. After her death, he married Nancy Bacey/Basye (among marriages recorded in Bourbon County, Kentucky, is this: Leonard Fleming and Nancy Basye, February 28, 1809). There is also a will of Elizeman Basye, in which he mentions son, Alfred Basye, and father, Edmund Basye of Culpeper County, Virginia. Alfred was an attorney in fact and demanded of James Basye land and Negroes in Virginia, the land being then occupied by Isaac Basye; will dated November 14, 1812.
Nancy Basye, the daughter of Elizeman Basye and Nancy McClana-han, the daughter of Rev. William McClanahan of the Baptist Church, and Nancy Marshall (born 1758); daughter of Capt. John Marshall of "The Forest," born about 1700, died 1752, who married, about 1722, Elizabeth Markham, born 1704, died in Fauquier County, 1775. He was captain of the militia and a man of good reputation and influence in his neighborhood. He was the son of Thomas, who died 1704, and grandson of Captain John, the immigrant of 1650.
Leonard Fleming lived in Woodford County, about ten miles from Lexington. He left many descendants: Nancy Fleming, married _____ Patterson; Dolly Fleming, married Adam Summers; Rosa Fleming, married Terah Haggin (and her daughter, Mary, who married Richard Parrish, had a Rosa, who married Henry Johnson and left children); William Fleming; Priscilla Fleming, the first wife of Alex Shackelford of Mason County, Kentucky; Mary Fleming, the second wife of Alex Shackelford of Mason County, Kentucky; Elizabeth, died unmarried; Louisa, married ______ Sullivan; Anne Aldridge, married Woodson Royster of Fayette County, Kentucky; Matilda, married _____ Stillwell and moved to Missouri; John; James; and Sarah.
The second child of Colonel William and Anne Christian Fleming, who lived to adult age, was Eliza. She married, first, Rev. Gary Allen of the Presbyterian Church, and at his death, she married Rev. Samuel Ramsey of Tennessee. Left by the latter marriage, first, Col. Reynolds Ramsey, whose first was a daughter of Judge Roan of Tennessee; and who married secondly, Miss Lemoine of Tennessee; and third a widow, name unknown. He had many grandchildren: the Corrys, Pattersons, and more.

(From "Strictly Kentucky Genealogy")

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