One of the popular features found in The Kentucky Explorer each month is genealogy, often published in the form of letters, queries, photographs, and stories. Several serial features, such as Kentucky Genealogy Help Line, Genealogy From The Long Ago, and Strictly Kentucky Genealogy, are dedicated solely to this purpose and continue from month to month.

Here are some genealogy items from our February 2013 issue.
(From "Kentucky Genealogy From The Long Ago")

Evert or Eduard Indenhoof, in 1698, with his wife, Elizabeth Shiphower, and their three sons (Garrot, Herman, and Peter), settled in Whitepain Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. They came from Mulheim, on the Ruhr River, near the Rhine, then in one of the Rhenish States, but now Westphalia, Germany.
In his will, dated May 20, 1746 (witnessed by Peter Speycker, Robert Jones, and William Jones), Garrot mentions Eduard, his only son; and Peter Kyder, his grandson, a minor.
Eduard died about the same time as his father. His widow, Sarah, married Dietrich Walker.
In his will, dated October 1, 1749 (witnessed by John Harpole and Ludwick Harpole), Herman mentions his wife, Annica, and the following children: Isaac, John, Jacob, Eduard, Abraham (married Annica Pawling), Harmond, Katherine (married a Davis), Elizabeth (married John Pawling), Margaret (married a Davis), and Mary (married a Slesley).
Peter (born 1686, died 1768), in his will, dated November 2, 1767 (witnessed by Samuel Castner and Melchior Wagener), mentions Elizabeth, his wife, and the following children: Eduard, settled in Kentucky or Virginia; Magdalene, born November 25, 1716, died September 25, 1801, married August 14, 1736, Hance Supplee, born July 21, 1714, died December 16, 1770, and had the following children: Andrew, born September 13, 1739, married 1st, Mary Zimmerman, married 2nd, Rachel Davis; Elizabeth, born November 20, 1738; Sarah, born October 14, 1740; Deborah, born November 30, 1741, married Christopher Zimmerman; Catherine, born December 4, 1742; Peter, born September 28, 1743, married Susan Wagener; Abraham, born April 1, 1745; Hannah, born September 13, 1751, married Jacob Kern; Rachel, born March 6, 1753; Isaac, born September 7, 1754; Jacob, born August 2, 1756; John, born September 1, 1758, married Acksa Botsford; Mary, born December 2, 1761, married 1st, John Bartleson, married 2nd, Ezekiel Shearman; Elizabeth; Samuel Gerhard, born March 9, 1724, died February 19, 1815, married Susannah Spaulding, born May 1726, died April 17, 1814, had the following children: Elizabeth, married James Buck; John, born April 1, 1753, died October 16, 1823, married Hannah Pawling; Isaac, born 1763, married Mary Osborne; Moses, had Samuel and Elizabeth (married a Glenn); Samuel, born 1764; Jonathan, born 1766, married Mary ?; and Peter. John Peter, born 1722, died 1815, married 1st, Sarah Hughes, and had Hugh, born 1750, married 2nd, Elizabeth Knight, born 1763; Mary; Jacob; William, born 1714, died September 10, 1784, married March 31, 1739, G. S. Hannah Cramber, and had Margaret, born August 12, 1739; Peter, born January 31, 1741; Sarah, born September 21, 1748; Andrew, born February 19, 1745, married Elizabeth ?; Hannah; Samuel; Jesse; and Abraham.
plus much more.

Moses Peden was born November 20, 1835, in Barren County, Kentucky; and died April 1, 1901, in Louisville. He married Mary Catherine Frances, daughter of Joel M. Frances, on November 17, 1858. Joel Frances was born April 27, 1816. Moses T. Peden's brothers and sisters were Benjamin, Lavina M. Scott, Jenimie, John, Harlan, Alonza, Malinda M. Estes, and George. His father was Elarzer Peden. He was born December 13, 1796, and married Sarah W. Harrison, January 20, 1820. She was born March 15, 1801, and died October 7, 1854. His brothers and sisters were Tomps, John, Benjamin, and Ann who married Mr. Wilkinson. Elarzer's father was Moses Peden.

Rodham Kenner served as a gunner in the Virginia State Navy of the Revolution. After the war, he removed to Logan County, Kentucky, where he died in 1842. A memorandum in the Revolutionary records of the Virginia State Library states that his heirs were Phoebe Dillon, Cynthia Lewis, Sally Chew, Elizabeth Chew, and Nancy Chew, who were also heirs of Ambrose Lewis, who had Revolutionary service. According to this record, Rodham Kenner's wife's name was Elizabeth. However, the records of Fauquier County, Virginia, show that a Rodham Kenner was married on November 26, 1787, to Jemima Barker. If this was the same Rodham Kenner, it is apparent that Elizabeth was his second wife.

(From "Strictly Kentucky Genealogy")

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