October 2012

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Kathy Carter, 204 Montgomery Avenue, Frankfort, KY 40601; kcarter@fewpb.net, shares this photo, taken ca. 1956, of the sixth grade students of Little Red School, Breathitt County, Kentucky. Front row, l-r: Beatrice Tharp, Laura Jo Wilson, Kathleen Walters, unknown all the way to the third from the left, Ginny Lee Deaton, and the last two are unknown. Back row, l-r: Sally Kay Brown and the rest are unknown. Little Red School was located beside the old Breathitt County High School on Court Street in Jackson.

Locomotive C16, Engine No. 242, built by Lima Locomotive Works in Lima, Ohio, was assigned to the Shelby Yard at Shelbiana, Pike County, Kentucky, and arrived there in the early 1940s. This type of locomotive was a yard switcher and was used in all yards on the Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) Railway System. When the C&O dieselized in the late 1950s, the company sold the C16 locomotives that were built in 1942 and 1943 to the Virginia Railroad. The Norfolk and Western (N&W) Railroad purchased the last batch of the C16s that were built in 1948. Before the N&W dieselized, the railroad liked the C16 locomotives so well, it built 45 new locomotives between 1949 and 1953 in its Roanoke, Virginia, shops. The C16 locomotive's water tank capacity was 10,000 gallons, the coal tender held 16 tons of coal, and its steam pressure was 200 pounds. This locomotive was a hand-fired engine with a fire box measuring 8 1/2' x 5 1/2' in size. The C16 locomotive was used only in yard switching with an eight wheel switcher. Lon Mims Venters, Sr., was the engineer at Shelby Yard on August, 23, 1943, when A. V. "Ott" Ratliff made his first pay trip from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. At that time, Ott was only 16 years old and attending Pikeville High School. He was drafted into the Navy during WWII. After he was discharged from the Navy, he went back to the railroad and was promoted to engineer on October 7,1947. He worked 42 years for the C&O Railroad and retired on November 1,1985. After 42 years of railroading, Ott's favorite years were during the steam days. He had the privilege to be the engineer on the last steam passenger train from Ashland to Elkhorn City, Kentucky, on July 3, 1979, on Southern Locomotive No. 2839. In this photo, taken in the 1940s, are A.V. "Ott" Ratliff, fireman, and brakeman, Joe Thomas Sullivan. A. V. "Ott" Ratliff, 1012 Raceland Avenue, Raceland, KY 41169; aldgean@windstream.net, shares this photo and information with our readers.

This vintage postcard, owned by Carl Howell of Hodgenville, Kentucky, is dated November 16, 1906, and labeled Georgetown (Scott County), Kentucky. The 14 African-American boys seated on the white board fence are of various ages with the youngest appearing to be about 10 years old. The scene captures only a brief moment in time yet serves now as a visual record of all of these boys' lives and their community's history on this day.

Jim Tackitt, 260 Bella Vista Way, Rio Vista, CA 94571, shares this photo taken in 1941 on Long Fork Creek, Pike County, Kentucky. Back row, l-r: Daniel Boone Ramsey, 1884-1964; Catherine Jenkins Ramsey (Mrs. Victor) born 1919; Victor Earl Ramsey, 1912-1941; Mary Opal Ramsey (Mrs. Eljay), 1917-1986; Eljay Boggs, born 1916; Robert Clem Ramsey, 1924-1990; and Angeline Tackett Ramsey (Mrs. Daniel Boone), 1888-1972. Front row, l-r: Elsie Ellen Ramsey McFann, born 1920; Anna May Ramsey, 1922-1981; and Sarah Elizabeth Ramsey, born 1926. This group was attending the funeral of Jasper "Jay" Tackitt. Angeline was his daughter. Daniel Boone Ramsey was the son of John Freeman Ramsey, 1853-1940; and Elizabeth Harmon Ramsey, 1865-1951.

Aaron Deaton, 255 Rachel Lane, Monroe, OH 45050, shares this photo of the 1947-48 Witherspoon Wildcats Basketball Team (now Buckhorn), Perry County, Kentucky. L-R: Bill Napier, Cooley Coots, Jack Reynolds, Robert Turner, Bill Deaton (Aaron's father), E. J. Williams, A. B. Johnson, Edgar Matt Baker, Scott Eversole, and Owen Campbell. The team was coached by William "Beany" Blair.

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