Reader Queries

Each month, The Kentucky Explorer magazine receives literally scores of letters from our faithful readers. Among those letters we often find queries, ranging from requests for words to songs and poems to trying to locate former classmates and military buddies of long ago.

Here are a few queries from

July/August 2012

The Clines And Hatfields
Dear Editor:
I have been a subscriber of The Kentucky Explorer for many years.
My ancestor was Peter Cline, who lived on Peter Creek near the Tug River. Perry Cline was Peter's grandson.
Perry Cline was involved in a lawsuit with Ance Hatfield over cutting timber.
If anyone has any articles on the Clines and Hatfields, I would like copies of those articles.
I hope readers can help me.
Auldy F. Cline
577 Cresthaven Court
Front Royal, VA 22630

"Contentment" Poem Wanted
Dear Editor:
I hope to relocate an old poem which I think was called "Contentment."
It extolled a mother hen who was delighted by a nestful of chicks. The next time she set her eggs, she was equally delighted to produce only one chick. She could devote all her love to one child. Later she reset her nest and sat and sat, but no chicks hatched. She finally gave up sitting, remarking, "Children are such a bore!"
John W. Tully
3751 Appian Way, Apt. 163
Lexington, KY 40519

Cheesecake Recipe Wanted
Dear Editor:
I'm am searching for a certain cheesecake recipe my mother once made. Mother has been gone since 1952. The family has put cheesecake recipes together, but no one can duplicate Mother's recipe. Mother used cottage cheese, lemon juice, eggs, sugar, vanilla, and I can't recall what else. The mixture was poured into a graham cracker crust in a springform pan.
If any reader makes a cheesecake similar to this, I would really like to have the recipe.
Margaret Weisman Fryman
15527 Orangeade Drive
Punta Gorda, FL 33955

Photo of Baxter School Wanted
Dear Editor:
I am looking for a photo of Baxter School in the Harlan City School District, Harlan County, Kentucky.
I will pay for a copy.
David Gilbert
P. O. Box 1143
Harlan, KY 40831

These are only two of the many queries inside The Kentucky Explorer.