November 2011

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Frank Powers and William Bays, a brother to the late Hiram Bays of Jackson, Breathitt County, are shown sitting at the top of Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga, Tennessee. The precise date of the photo is unknown, but is guessed to be ca. 1925. Dr. Grover C. Miller, 55 Brookwood Drive, Smithfield, NC 27577, shares this photo. The mountain's amazing beauty is breathtaking, and on a clear day it is said that seven states can be seen, Kentucky being one of them. The marker shown to the right denotes the Battle of Waumatchie which was fought during the Civil War.

It was a cool Sunday morning ca. 1948, the horses were hitched to the wagon, and the William Harrison Mattingly, Sr., family of Meredith, Grayson County, Kentucky, were going to the Antioch Baptist Church. L-R: William Harrison Mattingly, Jr., born 11/19/1944; William Harrison Mattingly, Sr., 5/17/1903-5/15/1983; Willa Dean Mattingly, 8/6/1941-5/17/1959; Anna Gladys Wells Mattingly, 11/4/1911-11/27/1994, holding Roger Glenn Mattingly, 11/2/1947-3/22/1989; Delma Lois Mattingly Mathis Dixon, born 5/5/1943; and Marcella Mattingly Williams, born 2/6/1940. Not shown in the photo are Francis Norene Mattingly Elmore, 5/20/1935-11/1995; Annas Jeanette Mattingly Decker, born 7/14/1933; and Alton Teamon Mattingly, born 3/21/1953. Pamala Pendergrass of North Carolina shares these photos. William H. Mattingly, Sr., is Pamala's grandfather, and Delma Lois Mattingly Mathis Dixon is her mother. See other photos of the family in the November 2011 issue of The Kentucky Explorer.

Jim Tackitt, 260 Bella Vista Way, Rio Vista, CA 94571, shares this photo of a group of students at a school on Long Fork Creek, Pike County, Kentucky, ca. 1929. These people are not identified. It was noted on the original photo that the teacher was John M. Tackett, 1892-1972, but the lady in the back row seems to be the teacher. Some are believed to be from the family of Elsie Tackett Little, daughter of James Oliver Tackett and Emalina "Lina" Hudson. Feel free to contact Jim with any information.

Cindy M. White, 7370 N. Spring Garden Lane, Mt. Vernon, IL 62864, shares this photo of the Lewis family taken between 1885-1910. Cindy knows that the guy to the far left on the mule is James Lewis (son of Timothy Lewis and Nancy Baker) and the little lady down front is Elizabeth Mandy Joseph Lewis (daughter of Reginia Wells and John Joseph). James and Elizabeth were the parents of Sallie, Polly Jane, William, Manerva, Ruthie, John D., Timothy, Henry Clay, Nancy E., and Israel. (Some of these may be in the photo but Cindy is not sure.) Feel free to contact Cindy with any information on the family. Place of photo not given.

David F. Campbell, 401 Big Valley Road, Andersonville, TN 37705, shares this photo of (l-r) his dad, David Campbell; Beck Catron; and Sam Bradford at the culmination of a successful fishing trip taken near Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky, in the 1940s.

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