September 2011

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1921 Crittenden High School Basketball Team, Grant County, Kentucky. The Crittenden Bear Cats were the Grant County basketball champions of 1921. Those in the photo are (l-r) Unknown, Howard Wills, unknown, Spurgeon Rich, Mike Kidwell, and Charles Allphim. Katheryn E. Dupps, 184 Langshire Court, Florence, KY 41042, shares this photo with our readers and would appreciate any help on the identities of the two unknown players.

Rev. Alvin J. Rosson frequently travelled by horseback into the regions of Kentucky where he organized Sunday Schools. He located in Columbia, Adair County, Kentucky, in the 1920s as a Sunday School missionary. See the complete story and other photos in the September 2011 issue of The Kentucky Explorer. (Photo courtesy of Paul W. Patton.)


Marie Clark Towles, 1935 Josephine Road, Stamping Ground, KY 40379, shares this family photo, taken in 1964, at the 50th wedding anniversary of Charles Lewis and Elizabeth Lynam Clark, in Scott County, Kentucky. First row, l-r: Bobby, Barry, Calvin, and Cathy Clark. Second row, l-r: Freddie Clark Towles, Charles Clark (holding Beth Ann), Donald Clark, and Elizabeth Clark. Third row, l-r: Barbara, Marguerite, Jeannie, Emma, Marie, Maurice, and Charles Lee. Back row, l-r: David, Herman, Jerome, and Austin Robert.

This is the first known photographed reunion of William and Mary Stephens McFarland's family taken in Casey County, Kentucky, in 1912. William and Mary had 11 children and 10 of them are shown in the photo. Their daughter, Nan McFarland Ayers, is missing because she was serving as a missionary with her husband, Dr. Eugene Ayers, near Monrovia, Liberia, in West Africa. Those in the photo are (not in order) Emma Bertram Edwards, Rosco Edwards, Bill Edwards, Frances McFarland, Paul "P. Y." McFarland, Bettie Sloan McFarland, Nannie McFarland, George McFarland, Clyde McFarland, Emma Edwards McFarland, Watson McDonald, Ruth Dean, John V. Dean, Rosa McFarland Dean, Bill Dean, Roy Gertram, Joel Bertram, "Tilda" McFarland Bertram, Willie Magee, Mary Bertram, Coy Magee, Lola Bertram Magee, Ada Peavey, Oscar Peavey, "Loney" McDonald, Ellis McFarland, Floyd McFarland, Willie Mcarland, John McFarland, Grace McFarland, Annie Luttrell McFarland, Oscar Coffman, Cobert Coffman, Edna Peavey Coffman, Myrtie Peavey, Martha McFarland Alcorn, Cora Alcorn, Jarvis Alcorn, Bill Peavey, probably Ethel McDonald and her child, Eula Peavey, Sam McFarland, Lillie Atwood McFarland, Ollie McFarland, Dewey McFarland, Hubert McFarmaldn, Levi McDonald, Miley McFarland McDonald, William McFarland, Mary Stephens McFarland, Polly Ann McFarland Peavey, George Peavey, Balaam McFarland, Flossie McFarland, Emma Hughes McFarland, Ida Bertram, George Bertram, Maude McFarland, Pearl (Myrtie Peavey's daughter), Mollie McFaland, Mary McFarland, Hattie McFarland, Rosa Alcorn or Annie Dean, Effie Peavey, Lillie Bertram, Harrison Peavey, Benton Bertram, and Hannah Peavey. Tina McFarland Savelyev, P. O. Box 1591, Danville, KY 40423;, shares this photo with our readers.


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