June 2011

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Luther Lucas Cooper (left) and friend, Bee Dodson, are shown above in Bracken County, Kentucky, ca. 1906. Luther (1888-1981) was the son of Samuel L. Cooper (born 1843 in Bracken County). Samuel was the son of William Bailey Cooper (born 1801 in Virginia, died 1884 in Robertson County, Kentucky). William was the son of William Baily (spelling varies) Cooper (born 1783 in Stafford, Virginia). William Bailey Cooper (born 1801) married Elizabeth Tucker. William Bailey Cooper (born 1783) is believed to have been married to a Mary Garrison(?) Brierly(?) at some point. There is much mystery in census data for these two William Baily/Bailey Coopers. Following is an excerpt from a Carlisle (Nicholas County) newspaper dated September 11, 1879: "Uncle Baily Cooper, of this county, nearly 97 years of age, was born in Stafford County, Virginia, on January 20, 1783. When a young man he emigrated to Kentucky and settled on Lawrence Creek, Mason County. He reared a large family of boys, some of them have grayer hair than their father, and look quite as old. The old man is still hale and hearty, made a hand in the harvest field quite recently, and never was sick in his life. He prefers a bowl of sour milk for breakfast in preference to coffee or tea, has chewed tobacco moderately all his life, and takes a dram when he can get it. He never had any education and is quite a poor man. He can make a good basket and was in town the other day soliciting orders in that line. He says he was in his prime at 50 years of age and never was whipped by any one. He was well acquainted with Simon Kenton and other pioneers of Kentucky and remembers well when Washington died in 1799." In the photo at right, taken before 1938, is Joseph William Gillespie, Jr. (1918-1998). He was the son of Joseph William Gillespie (1893-1973), son of George Brinton McClellan Gillespie (1868-1907), son of John Baldwin Gillespie (1830-1910), son of William Abner "Billy" Gillespie (1790-1860). If anyone has a connection, please contact Barbara Wimm, P. O. Box 261, Joshua, TX 76058; barwimm@yahoo.com, who shares these photos.

Bev P. Bowling enjoyed reading a newspaper as he sat in the doorway of the old log house in which he lived. The house was located in Bowlingtown, Perry County, Kentucky, where Buckhorn Lake was created in the 1960s. The photo belongs to Nancy Barnes, Bev's daughter, and is submitted by Ronnie Gay, 15 Statue Lane, Oneida, KY 40972.

Billie Sue Graybeal, 2327 Grant Avenue, St. Albans, WV 25177; billieg48@aol.com, shares these photos taken in Preston, Bath County, Kentucky, on a recent back-roads drive along KY HWY 965. She writes: "The Blevins Grocery is a wonderful example of the disappearing country store. The Preston Post Office (zip code 40366) is attached to the store and the Ale-8 and Ice Cold Pepsi signs beckon one to stop and rest a spell. Also posted on the front of the building is a small sign advising that 'Roni Stoneman and Larry Coryea were married at this store.' Roni is of The Stoneman Family and Hee Haw fame. The store was closed the day I was there, but I am looking forward to a return visit in late October 2011 for the century-old Preston Court Day Celebration said to be an alternative to the hustle and bustle of nearby Mount Sterling's renowned Court Days. The population of Preston is about 500, but by some accounts, there are 10,000 folks in town (during the Preston Court Day Celebration) seeking a bargain from among the many vendors. The food booths sound wonderful!"

James E. Allen, 447 Kentucky Street, Salyersville, KY 41465, shares these photos which were all taken in Magoffin County, Kentucky. In the photo above are Dan Brown (1852-1939), son of Thomas Brown and Elizabeth Mc-Clain, of Salyersville, Kentucky, and his wife, Mary Power Brown (1861-1913), daughter of James Power and Nancy Jane Blair Power (1/31/1839-10/7/1927). Nancy is shown below in the tin-type photo. She is buried in the Blue Grass Cemetery at Salyersville. Her parents were William Blair and Sallie Spradlin. Nancy married James Power (1830-1883), who served in Corp. Co. I, 14th KY Mtd. VI. Union Army. James was a brother of Captain John Power (1808-1886) Co. I, 14th KY. He was also a brother of Holloway Power, the first County Judge of Magoffin County. Holloway Power's son, Henry C. Power (1844-1863) was a Pvt. Co. F, 14th KY Union Army. Henry died in service due to typhoid fever at Paintsville, Johnson County, Kentucky. In the photo below Nancy, taken in 1912, are (l-r) George Anderson and John Brown (1881-1948). John was the son of Dan Brown and Mary Power Brown.

Fred H. Salisbury, 314 Jeremiah Drive, Richmond, KY 40475, shares this photo of Lula Salisbury (Mrs. Lacky Salisbury) preparing to harvest feathers from "Old Jake," the gander. The feathers were used to fill pillows and featherbeds. Mrs. Salisbury had a unique method of holding geese. She clamped the bird's head and beak beneath one arm, while holding its wing tips and feet in one hand. The feathers were plucked with the other hand. Children always had pleasure, on warm spring days, of catching the geese. The photo was taken in 1954 at Printer, Floyd County, Kentucky. Note the family "coal bank" in the background.

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