Letters To The Editor

Each month, The Kentucky Explorer magazine receives literally scores of letters from our faithful readers. Whenever possible, we try to publish as many of them as possible in the 12 pages we have set aside for "Letters to the Editor."

Here are actual letters from April 2011

Photo Identified
Dear Editor:
The two people in the photo submitted by Delight Slotwinski, which was published in a recent issue of The Kentucky Explorer, looks like Sally Meffer and Bill Meffer from Perry County, Kentucky.
I would like to hear from Sally and Bill.
I enjoy the magazine. Keep up the good work.
Kathleen Overfield
23026 State Route 37
Marysville, OH 43040

Would Like To Purchase
Well Bucket
Dear Editor:
I have a drilled well in my yard and don't have a well bucket.
I am interested in purchasing one of these buckets that is in good condition.
Alice B. Ping
420 Jones Knob Road
Somerset, KY 42501

Pear Honey Recipe Wanted
Dear Editor:
If anyone has the recipe for pear honey, I would very much appreciate receiving it.
My great-aunt, Jonnie Love Woodruff, listed the following ingredients, but the recipe has been lost: Seven cups pears (ground), nine cups sugar, two cups grated pineapple, and two cups coconut.
Thanks for any information.
Charles Whalin
2303 Newmarket Drive
Louisville, KY 40222

White Ear Corn Wanted
Dear Editor:
I am looking for some white ear corn to buy.
Any help would be appreciated.
Willis Barker
572 Salem Road
Minford, OH 45653

These are just samples of the many letters in each issue of The Explorer.