Reader Queries

Each month, The Kentucky Explorer magazine receives literally scores of letters from our faithful readers. Among those letters we often find queries, ranging from requests for words to songs and poems to trying to locate former classmates and military buddies of long ago.

Here are a few queries from

December 2010/January 2011

Recipe Wanted
Dear Editor:
I am trying to find a recipe for pickled meat (pork and beef).
If anyone has a recipe, I would be very grateful to receive a copy.
I enjoy reading The Kentucky Explorer.
George R. Martin
1844 Hannah Lane
Grayson, KY 41143

Salt Risen Bread Recipe Wanted
Dear Editor:
I have been trying to find a recipe for salt risen bread. I have several, but they don't seem to be what I want. The bread I have been making from these recipes is good, but it doesn't have the smell or the texture of the bread I remember when I was young.
Any help would be appreciated.
Steve A. Faul
1604 KY HWY 3170
Maysville, KY 41056

Words To Song Wanted
Dear Editor:
I am looking for the words of an old song. I believe the title was "Jennie Melissa." The theme was a traveling man being introduced to a local woman to whom he became engaged. The last part was about his peeking through the keyhole and seeing her getting ready for the ball. "Her teeth and one eye she laid upon the table, her glossy curls she took down from the peg, and I laughed out as quiet as I was able, when I saw her pulling on a wooden leg. I can't take Jennie Melissa for my wife. I put my trunk upon my back and out of town I traveled. Oh, I never was so sad in all my life."
I would gladly pay postage or a fee to get the words of the first part of the song.
Donald Peters
617 Greenbriar Street
Owensboro, KY 42301

Where Is Harrison Located?
Dear Editor:
I have gotten myself into a controversy over where a town called Harrison was located sometime during the late 1700s or early 1800s.
It is my understanding that it was located in Pulaski County, Kentucky, somewhere between what is now Cain's Store on Highway 8 and Faubush on Highway 196 and west of Highway 3262.
I have found where the Harrison voting precinct was and is and where Harrison Knob was, but I have not pinpointed where the old water mill, boardwalks, and other buildings were.
If any readers have any pictures, maps, or any other information that will help determine the existence and location of Harrison, I would like to hear from them.
Thomas Phillips
405 Westwood Drive
Nancy, KY 42544